The Aeon Must Die presented at the State of Play has been “stolen”. The game developers accuse the studio and publisher

One of the games presented at yesterday’s State of Play was Aeon Must Die. The title may not make its debut in the near future, as the developers responsible for the production are starting a court battle. In their opinion, IP and the entire game were stolen.

We saw some interesting games at yesterday’s State of Playand among them Aeon Must Die was received quite positively. At the time of publication of the material on the Sony event, a message appeared on Twitter, according to which the developers working on the title left the studio due to a huge crunch and no payouts, and the trailer was prepared by an external team. A description and documents presenting the details of the surprising situation were made available.

According to the eight developers responsible for Aeon Must Die – the game was “stolen” by Limestone Games, the studio they worked for. Aleksei Nehoroshkin was one of the founders of the team, although the current CEO, Yaroslav Lyssenko, led to the acquisition of the studio without the knowledge of the employees and Nehoroshkin – he was manipulated and signed documents, due to which he lost the company. The new boss became the only member of the board, took over full IP rights, and then he was supposed to force developers to work overtime hours, intimidate them, and finally stopped paying.

The presented documents provide information that may cause problems for Focus Home Interactive – the publisher of the game. For months, the developers had been trying to get help, sending messages and direct evidence asking for the completion of work on the position in humane conditions, while the French company was not interested in the fate of developers.

Currently, the creators intend to fight and, being aware that they will face the new boss (and probably also the publisher), publicized the matter, which was certainly made possible by the game’s presentation. Currently, Limestone Games and Focus Home Interactive have not spoken about. According to the information provided, Sony was not aware of the whole situation.

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