The advantages of the Vivo Y12 cellphone, here are the latest prices for 2022 and the complete specifications are here

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – HP Vivo Y12 still worth ogling for those of you who are looking for a cellphone with prices starting at IDR 1 million.

Specifications and Vivo Y12 cellphone price It was first introduced in Indonesia in mid-2019.

Since then, this 1 million Vivo HP has never lost fans. If you look at the official Vivo Indonesia website, now Vivo Y12 cellphone price still at Rp. 1,999,000 for the 3/32GB variant and Rp. 2,099,000 for the 3/64GB variant.

Meanwhile, Vivo Y12 cellphone price In e-commerce, the average price starts at IDR 1.5 million for the 3/32GB variant and IDR 1.7 million for the 3/64GB variant. The price is certainly quite reasonable considering its age and specifications.

Vivo Y12 uses the Helio P22 processor which is indeed presented for the lowest class. For maximum performance, the 3/64GB variant is definitely a must.

This 1 million Vivo HP relies on three main cameras. Each with a resolution of 13MP, 8MP (ultrawide), and 2MP (depth sensor).

While on the front, there is an 8MP camera for selfie needs. A 5,000 mAh battery is also available on the Vivo Y12. This capacity feels quite large if you look at it Vivo Y12 cellphone price which is only a million.

In 2022, Vivo Y12 is certainly still very feasible for those of you who have simple needs, such as social media or online shopping.

If you are looking for a Vivo HP worth 1 million, Hp Vivo Y12 this is definitely worth considering.

The following Vivo Y12 HP specifications and prices

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