The Advantages of Rear-Wheel Drive in Daihatsu Terios for Off-Road Terrain


Daihatsu Terios still feels comfortable using rear-wheel drive. What are the advantages of a car with rear-wheel drive?

Daihatsu has launched a facelift version of the Terios. There are various changes made by Daihatsu to this new Terios, for example from the exterior and interior. Daihatsu has also added a variety of features to pamper the driver and passengers inside, such as a multimedia screen that can be connected to a smartphone via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, wireless charger and SRS airbags.

But there are some things that are still being maintained, one of which is the use of rear-wheel drive alias Rear Wheel Drive (RWD). Marketing Director of PT ADM, Sri Agung Handayani, said that his party had no plans to launch the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) version of the Daihatsu Terios. Because, these vehicles are often used to climb and ‘split’ heavy terrain. In terms of character, the Terios is still considered more suitable to use a rear-wheel drive system.

“That is again the readiness of our consumers. Because this is an adventure car, a sporty car, we will look at all aspects, not just one interest. So, back to consumer demand,” said Sri Agung recently.

The rear-wheel drive system is usually used by cars with the need to drive on various rough terrain. For example, if the terrain you drive is mostly incline. This RWD system has advantages, one of which is better load distribution. RWD cars have an engine bay at the front and a gearbox and driveshaft in the center. This placement makes the distribution of the load more ideal and even.

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In addition, the RWD drive system optimally distributes the load on the front and rear wheels. The front wheels focus only on the steering and the rear wheels for the propulsion system. This division of each workload makes the drive system and suspension components more durable.

On an incline, RWD cars tend not to experience spin. This is because when you climb the weight will point backwards and the rear wheels as the driving wheels will still get traction.

There are advantages of course there are disadvantages. The drawback of this RWD car is that it weighs more. RWD cars also often experience loss of power due to friction in the powertrain components.

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