The action of farting on the face of the congregation is viral, this pastor admits he is performing miracles

LIMPOPO, – One pastor of south Africa which is viral because fart in the face of the congregation said, he was showing miracle.

Pastor Christ Penelope, who comes from Limpopo, is the topic of conversation because he claims he can fart cure physical to spiritual problems.

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However, Penelope denied that what he was doing was passing wind, but a demonstration of God’s power.

Even so, the photo of the pastor occupying the face of his congregation was deleted by his church, SevenFold Holy Spirit Ministries.

Reported IOL, Penelope said the fart he did must be accurate because it was “the power of healing”.

This “power” enters the noses of the congregation and penetrates their souls so that it is effective and “does its job.”

The priest said that before the ritual begins, his congregation will be “sedated” and when they wake up, they will not feel anything.

Reported World of Buzz Tuesday (6/4/2021), Penelope claimed that the ritual had recovered many sick people.

His viral photo drew criticism, with many people accusing him of using the name of a religion to do strange things.

“I do not fart in front of them. I heal them,” Penelope replied in response to the criticism was quoted Times Now News.

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