“The act of Firsov resembles a raider seizure”: Zhorin about the actions of the widower Legkostupova

Widower Valentina Legkostupovoy Yuri Firsov entered into the inheritance that his deceased wife left him. Now, according to the law, he is entitled to one fourth of his wife’s estate. Having received a certificate of inheritance in his hands, Yuri Firsov actually barricaded himself in the apartment where he lived with Valentina.

Also, information appeared in the media that he changed the locks and at the same time does not let anyone from the singer’s family inside. How legitimate are Yuri Firsov’s actions? And how did it happen that the artist’s widower seized “all power” into his own hands?

With these questions Teleprogramma.pro turned to the lawyer of the Legkostupov family Sergey Zhorin.

“The word“ barricaded ”is, of course, an allegory. Now it is not necessary to build barricades, it is enough just to change the locks and not give the keys to anyone, ”explains Sergey Zhorin.

And it was like this. Yuri Firsov, apparently, considers himself the main heir of Valentina Legkostupova. That is why he was the very first to open a notary office to come to the notary, received a certificate of inheritance and in a matter of minutes was near the apartment. By the way, none of the other heirs has yet received such a document. Because the property component for Valentina’s relatives is not as significant as the very fact of losing a loved one.

Of course, no one imagined that Firsov would do this. Why? Listening to his loud statements on federal channels that he needed only love, not an inheritance, we understood that Firsov would eventually change his mind. But it was assumed that since he was entitled to only one fourth of the total property, and besides, the apartment there was not a god knows what – inexpensive, in Kuzminki, costing about 7-8 million rubles, he would say: “Well, buy my share.” But the situation turned out differently.

Sergey Zhorin. Photo: personal archive

– Why did it happen like this?

– No one was ready for Firsov to run to open the door and change the locks, while Anetta (daughter of Valentina Legkostupva – prim. row.). That is, he had to contact her and say: “I want to get into the apartment.” Although now Firsov says that he urgently needed some things. But this is not true.

Since at that time, when Firsov had not yet entered into an inheritance, he turned to Anette with the words: “There are keys to my car in the apartment, and I urgently need them.” Annette replied: “Well, well, come on.” He sent his son, but instead of the car keys, the son immediately went into the cache that his father told him about online, got out eight and a half thousand dollars from there and took them.

At that moment, no one interfered with him. And of course, if Firsov had said: “I want to inspect my part of the property,” then he would have been given the keys and there would have been no point in breaking the door.

We requested video recordings from the entrance cameras. And thanks to them we saw that on the same day unknown people were taking things out of this apartment. After that, of course, a statement was written to the police.

– And how did Valentina’s relatives find out about Yuri Firsov’s barricades?

– Only from the air of a popular television show, where Firsov, prowling around the apartment, theatrically showed how Valentina Legkostupova fell, how she lay and got up. This also greatly angered Valentina’s relatives.

Because earlier Firsov said that he did not see how she fell. And in general, he has nothing to do with it. And Yuri Firsov showed the room of the singer’s son Matvey, claiming that he did not go there.

Subsequently, Firsov talked about what awaits when the relatives will appear, ask him for permission to enter the apartment, and pay him money for cleaning. He was also indignant at the fact that the Investigative Committee did not clean up after itself after the investigation. As a result, Firsov had to call a cleaning company. And he plans to collect the money spent from Valentina’s relatives.

The native singers, of course, are shocked, but they will not become like him. You can endlessly open the door and break the locks, so you can break the whole apartment. Firsov says that he lives in one fourth of the area, but in fact he takes up the entire space.

At the same time, he notes: “Well, let your relatives come here. And let grandmother (Valentina’s mother) and Matvey live in another room, a small one. ” He plans to borrow a large one. And Annette, according to him, – let him stay in the corridor. Like, who came first, that and the slippers.

Firsov understood that neither Valentina’s mother nor Valentina’s son would live in the apartment, so he actually took possession of it. When Valentina’s son had a scuffle with her husband, Matvey was forced to leave this apartment. Firsov knocked out the door of the room, and, by his own expression, gave Matvey “bream”. Instead of renting an apartment for his beloved woman, he went for such an act.

But Firsov, with his greed, did not take into account one point. There is a 1998 law on state registration of rights to real estate, which clearly states: when does ownership of real estate arise. And it arises from the moment of state registration and making the corresponding entry (earlier it was called the Unified State Register of Rights), and now it is the Unified Register of Rights to Real Estate.

According to the law, either a notary or Firsov himself is supposed to send documents to Rosreestr, which must register the transfer of ownership. Because he was in a hurry, he did not. Therefore, at the time of entering the apartment, he was not yet the owner of real estate.

– Do you plan to involve the law in solving this problem?

– I will not disclose all of our tasks. But, of course, we will respond to all these outrages in the manner prescribed by law. Firsov, in fact, has already revealed his face. Imagining himself as a millionaire buying fur coats and diamonds, he occupied this apartment so that his actions began to resemble a raider takeover. At the same time, Firsov says that he is almost a homeless person, he has nothing to live on, and he is tired of wandering.

But the question arises: “A person who has been married for 40 days, where did you live before that? How much does it cost to rent an apartment in such an area? Well, about 40,000 rubles. For a grown man, this is not so much money.

We believe that his actions are illegal. We also reacted to Firsov’s accusations against Valentina’s relatives that they allegedly stole some fur coats. However, he does not provide any confirmation that he paid for something. I will not give a moral and ethical assessment of his actions, but in a legal way, we will react to them.

This mess will not last forever. There are mechanisms for how to react to it, which, in fact, we did.

– Much has been said that a criminal case may be initiated against Yuri Firsov … How is this situation developing now?

– Annette contacted the investigator. And he says that no decision has been made yet. Yuri Firsov himself has information that five refusal orders have already been issued. He also claims that Valentina’s bruises appeared at the moment when doctors were carelessly carrying her on a stretcher. Because of this, the Investigative Committee had to appoint an examination about the doctors’ mistake.

Of course, we trust the investigator, but so far there is no procedural decision. We are waiting for the final decision in order to get acquainted with all the materials of the verification and interrogations of Firsov himself.

Teleprogramma.pro will follow the development of events!

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