The accused of assaulting an elderly woman in a garment worker in Tanta: “The victim is a psychopath and the first hit me.”

A number of pages of the social networking site “Facebook” circulated a video clip showing two young men assaulting and beating an elderly man dressed as a cleaner in one of the areas in the western city of Tanta, and the security services succeeded in identifying the victim, resident in the Tanta Center department “psychologically unbalanced”, and they were Identifying the perpetrators of the incident and they are “students”. By asking one of them, he confirmed that while he was traveling with the other in the place of the incident, they noticed that the victim attacked the pedestrians by insulting them and threw stones at them. One of the complainants against them It has been reconciled with the unemployed at the time, and liberation from that record required, and the offer on the investigation authorities decided to spend it from Soeriaha, introduced the victim to the mental health hospital in Tanta, to sign a medical examination and the statement of his psychological and mental.

Hospital report stated

Psychological health

In Tanta, the victim was previously detained in the hospital several times, and his condition was diagnosed as suffering from a chronic mental disability “mental schizophrenia”, by offering to the investigation authorities decided to transfer him to the National Mental Health Council, and assigned a specialist psychiatrist to sign a medical examination, and a statement if he was suffering Whoever is mentally or mentally disturbed, and taking procedures for his compulsion in one of the hospitals or government houses prepared for that purpose, and legal measures have been taken.

The Ministry of the Interior had launched its expanded security campaigns in all security directorates, to target all forms of lawlessness and holders of unlicensed firearms that are used in quarrels and violence, and to target fugitives from various judicial rulings, especially those that were about to fall, in coordination with various directorates, based on directives Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, the Minister of Interior, where it managed, within 24 hours, to seize 206 firearms, 255 drug cases and implement 83134 various judicial rulings..

Among the seizures came 206 firearms, in the possession of 192 accused, where (16) automatic rifles, (48) cartridge rifles, (16) Tabnagh, (126) local personnel, and a shot with different bullets, were seized (275). A white weapon, this came in the context of continuing intense security campaigns to counter bullying, controlling outlaws, possession of firearms and eggs, and tightening security control..

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