The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange lost 540 million dollars of its market value by the end of Monday’s trading

Mohamed Shaker – Mubasher: The UAE financial market indices declined at the end of the trading session on Monday, amid fears of continuing to raise interest rates.

According to the data of the UAE financial markets, the Dubai and Abu Dhabi stock exchanges attracted a liquidity of 1.960 billion dirhams, distributed over 21,335 transactions.

Dubai Financial Market

At the end of the day’s trading, the Dubai Financial Market index decreased by 0.03 percent, to the level of 3417 points.

There were transactions in Dubai shares with a volume of 120.537 million shares, at a value of 381.732 million dirhams.

This came amid a decline in the shares of Commercial Bank of Dubai by 1.90 percent, Deyaar Development by 1.23 percent, Dubai Investments by 1.31 percent, and Ithmaar Holding by 0.69 percent.

The market value of Dubai shares amounted to 591.745 billion dirhams at the end of today’s trading, compared to 590.392 billion dirhams at the end of Friday’s trading, with gains amounting to 1.353 billion dirhams.

Abu Dhabi Financial Market

The Abu Dhabi Securities Market index fell by 0.28 percent to the level of 9833 points.

There were transactions on Abu Dhabi shares, with a volume of 190.014 million shares, at a value of 1.578 billion dirhams.

This came amid a 1.28 percent decline in Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, 0.25 percent for Food Group, 0.60 percent for ADNOC Drilling, and 0.72 percent for Q Holding.

The market value of Abu Dhabi shares amounted to 2.459 trillion dirhams at the end of trading today, compared to 2.461 trillion dirhams at the end of Friday’s trading, with losses amounting to 2 billion dirhams, equivalent to 540 million dollars.

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