The absurd criminal behavior revealed by Jang Dong-min’Stone Terrorist’

It is said that the killer who made several stone terror attacks on comedian Jang Dong-min’s home and vehicle confessed the crime.

On the 8th, the entertainment media The Fact said, “A man in his 40s who was arrested on the 3rd denied the charge, saying,’I’m sorry,’ but when evidence came out he confessed. I was gibberish on my back,” he reported.

Prior to this, Jang Dong-min was terrorized 26 times from August 14th to September 17th, where windows and vehicles at his home in Wonju, Gangwon-do were damaged by stones thrown by someone. Jang Dong-min reported to the police, and after three months of pursuit, the police captured Mr. A, a man in his 40s who lives in the neighborhood of Jang Dong-min, on the 30th of last month.

A is known to have no psychiatric medical history and criminal record. The police are planning to send Mr. A to the prosecution this week on charges of property damage.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)


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