“The Absence of the EU Flag on Parliament Building Symbolizes Georgia’s Dire Political Situation”


Never been a big fan of flying the EU flag next to our national flag. At first he asked himself and others – with what fright? They explained to me that this symbolizes our desire to become members of the EU. I smiled condescendingly, and then I got used to it. Well, it symbolizes, so it symbolizes.

But today, when I have not seen this flag on the parliament building, I understand perfectly well that now it symbolizes something completely different, just the opposite.

And even with my very rich imagination, I could not imagine that the leadership of my country would persistently convince the population that now is the best time not just to pretend to be rags and not shine, but to make deep curtseys against war criminals in the Kremlin .

Yes, Georgia found itself completely alone in the face of the then very formidable and aggressive Russian Federation. Georgia was not allowed to be completely captured by military means, however, everyone contributed to the coming to power of a person who does not understand the logic of the historical process at all, and who does not have strategic thinking.

Yes, this is the biggest shortcoming of the current Georgian authorities. In the end, everyone who has reached the trough has a passion for profit, but this passion, combined with a lack of self-preservation instinct and deep provincialism, leads to very difficult consequences for the country.

And what about the politically active part of the inhabitants of Georgia – you ask? Everything is fine with them, everyone understands and they are even active. This part will undoubtedly play its role in the history of the country, as it has happened more than once. When and how this will happen, no one knows, but there is no doubt that it will happen. And this is not optimism, this is again the logic of the historical process. The only problem is that we live here and now, and here and now everything is sour.

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2023-05-26 20:35:08
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