The AA group in residence at Florida before their concert

Formed in 2014, the Agenais AA group, which made itself known to the general public by participating in a competition on in 2015, is back with a new album “Can careless” in stores on February 21 and a concert on February 22 .

After having experienced the very frequented Garorock festival in 2016, the group AA will offer a new opus on February 21 that they will perform on February 22 on the main stage of Florida alongside the groups Aenima, Anahata and mystic 95. “It’s been a while since a long time ago. that we hadn’t presented something new, we can’t wait! ” declares Leo the singer of the group.

Currently in residence in Florida, the artists of the group can create or rehearse their scenic and / or technical performance, meet and practice cultural actions and especially perform on stage. The group composed of Robin on bass, Benoit on drums, Pierre-Olivier on electric guitar and Léo on vocals is self-produced and offers an album straddling two atmospheres. Indeed this one starts on cold tones and evolves towards something more New wave pop. Very influenced by artists such as David Bowie, the group Tame Impala or the group depeche mode, the group AA which in 2016 was only composed of 3 members wanted to add more pop rhythms and for that they added their current drummer to the group.

Their Album named “Can careless” translated into French “you can neglect” represents for the group the idea according to which our company is at the height of “je-sais-foutisme” and in particular the leaders who show more in addition to decadence and neglect in their actions. Still in the process of breaking in, the group does not yet plan an official tour but a few dates are being prepared and the idea of ​​a tour for next fall has not been put aside.

Their album will be available in all points of sale and on legal download platforms from February 21. More info on the concert on

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