The 9-euro ticket is not valid on every regional train – you have to take that into account

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Created: 06/23/2022, 04:45 am


From now on you can travel cheaply across Germany with the 9-euro ticket. There are a few things to keep in mind – not all trains are included in the price.

Frankfurt – For nine euros a month, travel through Germany with public transport and regional trains all summer long: this dream will become reality from June 1, 2022 – with the 9-euro ticket from Deutsche Bahn. You can already buy the ticket here.

Simply set the filter to “Local transport only” when planning the route and you can start looking for the ideal connection. Or maybe not? In the past few days, complaints from users on Twitter have increased, because the 9-euro ticket cannot actually be used on all regional trains, as announced.

The 9-euro ticket is part of the federal government’s relief package. (symbol photo) © Sven Hoppe / dpa

The nine-euro ticket cannot be used on all regional trains – you need to know that

This circumstance can be explained as follows: Deutsche Bahn trains are operated by DB Regio on the one hand and DB Fernverkehr on the other. Only DB Regio trains are included in the 9-euro ticket, while DB Fernverkehr trains are not. It is confusing for all users of the 9-euro ticket that DB Fernverkehr also has regional trains. The normal local transport ticket is valid on these trains, but expressly not the 9-euro ticket.

Deutsche Bahn explained the situation as follows: “The 9-euro ticket is not valid on trains operated by DB Fernverkehr AG (e.g. IC, EC, ICE), even if other local transport tickets are valid on long-distance trains.” When searching for a train connection, there is currently no way to filter the results so that only trains in the DB region are displayed. At the request of editorial network in Germany A spokesman for Deutsche Bahn replied that DB Fernverkehr was currently clarifying how to deal with the countries. Deutsche Bahn also told our editors about the regional connections on which the validity of the 9-euro ticket still had to be clarified.

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FAQ about the 9 euro ticket

Since June 1, travelers have been able to explore Germany with the new ticket. We have summarized everything important in our FAQ for the 9-euro ticket.

Scheduled to be available from June 1st for three months
Nationwide validity, no regional restrictions
No restrictions on groups of people, subscription holders will receive a refund
9 euros per month

When researching the best connection, you should therefore make sure that the 9-euro ticket is actually valid for the trains you want to use. For example, in Deutsche Bahn’s Navigator app, this is listed under the train’s information and by “9 euro ticket not valid” marked.

Confusion about the nine-euro ticket: strong criticism on Twitter

The frustration of the euphoric travelers is great. On Twitter, users complained about the confusion: “Sorry, you still don’t seem to understand that nobody outside the bubble knows the difference between DB FV and DB Regio. And in particular those who are supposed to be attracted by the ticket. That’s going to be a lot of frustration. You can’t blame politics alone,” writes one user, for example. (aa)

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