“The 7th Guest” horror puzzle game gets a virtual reality reimagining

Back in the mid-90s, when The 7th Guest was revealed, it was hard to overstate the collective chin in the gaming community. It was one of the first major CD-ROM games, so techies could hardly believe their eyes.

Fortunately, it offers more than just looks, as it’s a very clever puzzle game with a great horror vibe. Here we visit the mansion owned by toymaker Henry Stauf with a group of six guests, but who is the mysterious seventh guest in this dark mystery?

Now is the time to experience this adventure all over again, as a virtual reality reimagining has been announced for PC VR (Steam), Quest 2 and the newly announced Quest 3. Game director Paul van der Meer explained why he wanted to return to this somewhat forgotten milestone in video game history:

“I still remember being hooked when I played the original. It all felt so real to me. And it was so mysterious! Being able to bring this iconic game into virtual reality is a dream come true and I can’t wait Wanted to share the results with you all.

The 7th Guest VR is coming later this year, and we have both the first trailer and some screenshots for you to enjoy that seem to be clever uses of the VR concept.

The 7th Guest VRThe 7th Guest VR
The 7th Guest VRThe 7th Guest VR
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