The 76 MDP for those who whistle penalties to America and not to Chivas according to Joserra

The 76 MDP for what they call penalties to America and not to Chivas
May 16, 2022 09:45 a.m.

There are 76 million pesos for which controversial decisions are made in Mexican soccer. Jose Ramon Fernandez questioned the issue of why penalties are awarded to the Americaand even make them repeat themselves, but Chivas no.

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It is that there is a play in which Roberto Alvarado was pushed by the Atlas defender. The Guadalajara fans considered that a penalty should be awarded, but this did not happen. José Ramón Fernández was not silent on the subject and did question that America and Atlas are helped by the referees.

In that sense, Joserra explained that there is a television business to defend and therefore, both America and Atlas are two important markets for advertising, therefore, it is better for these clubs to be in the Liguilla and not Chivas, since the brands , they were paying less for a team with a lot of fans, but that did not perform on the field.

How much is generated by the advertising issue in Liga MX?

According to data from El Financiero, Televisa obtains up to 76 million pesos for the issue of income for this item.

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