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▲The Tainan branch found that the old man had a son who was studying in elementary school to support, and assisted in applying for a bailout loan to pay off the health insurance arrears. (Picture / flip from Facebook)

The most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is its people, and this scene was staged in Tainan. A 70-year-old man in Tainan owes 180,000 yuan in health insurance premiums for four years. The Tainan Branch of the Ministry of Justice also went to the old man’s residence a few days ago to seal up the old man’s Tutiancuo. In addition to being injured and unable to work, there are also children who are only in elementary school. The staff of the Tainan Branch Office also decided to put down the seal on their hands, suspend the execution, and assist in the application for bailout loans.

The Tainan branch pointed out that the 74-year-old man owed 180,610 yuan of health insurance premiums from 2010 to 2011, and was transferred to the Tainan branch for enforcement by the National Health Insurance Department. The staff of the enforcement department found that the old man had a Tutiancuo in the East District of Tainan City, and asked the land administration agency Go for the seal registration. However, the old man’s Vietnamese spouse interceded after arriving at the scene, pointing out that Toutiancuo is a shelter. Her husband, who is in his 70s, was injured while moving heavy objects on the construction site. He had no money for surgical treatment and was unable to work. She was the only one left to support the family. , Really unable to pay the arrears of health insurance premiums.

After the enforcement staff knew about it, they couldn’t bear it, and out of concern for the disadvantaged, they postponed the execution of the seizure. In addition, considering that the old man’s match was not fluent in Chinese and Taiwan’s laws and regulations, he took the initiative to contact the Southern District Operations Group of the Parallel Culture and Health Insurance Administration to assist in applying for a bailout loan. After paying the arrears of health insurance premiums, the Tainan Branch Office will immediately cancel and seal up the registration.

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