The 6am news – Estelle Mouzin’s DNA: “One more hope”, says her father’s lawyer

17 years after the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin, Michel Fourniret was confused by DNA traces. The long-awaited proof of this DNA had been in the possession of investigators for years. However, according to Maître Corinne Herrmann, one of the lawyers of Estelle Mouzin’s father, the mattress which was in a pavilion belonging to Fourniret’s sister in Ville-sur-Lumes, and on which was found two partial traces of DNA of the child, was not reviewed despite their request.

“We are angry becauseit has been demanded for 15 years to operate and re-operate these seals and this mattress in particular which interested us for a long time “, protests the lawyer. For her, it is the demonstration that” it is absolutely necessary, when one is in front of this type of criminals, exploit all the seals, all the traces we have of them, to reconstruct the list of their victims“.

She said she was “very angry”. “It took so long for a judge to finally hear us“Despite everything, the lawyer also says ‘take the positive side’. “It’s one more element, it’s one more hope for the family to finally have Estelle and that Estelle be returned to them“, she is satisfied.

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Miscellaneous – Of negationist inscriptions were found on the memorial ofOradour-sur-Glane. “Liar” is inscribed at the entrance to the martyred village of the Second World War in Haute-Vienne, where more than 600 villagers were massacred in June 1944 by the SS. Acts strongly condemned by the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior.

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Coronavirus The Jean Bouin rugby stadium in Paris is equipped with terminals that allow temperature control, but also the wearing a mask in the stands and this, while the players were themselves strongly affected by the virus. The next match is scheduled for September 4 against Bordeaux-Bègles.

Football – Friday August 21, they were 5,000 to follow the resumption of the League 1 with the Bordeaux-Nantes match. A meeting which ended in a draw: 0 to 0. Despite this score, the captain of the Girondins does not hide his pleasure at having finally been able to play again in front of an audience.

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