The 58-nation Declaration Against Hostage Diplomacy, the Chinese Communist Party Takes the Initiative to Take the Seat | Canada | Meng Wanzhou

[The Epoch Times February 15, 2021](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian) ​​Monday (February 15),CanadaInitiated an initiative of 58 countries to oppose certain countries’Hostage diplomacy, The declaration does not specify which countries are targeted, butChinese Communist PartyThe party media of the Communist Party took the initiative to take the seat by blaming its ugliness.

InitiatedCanadaForeign Minister Marc Garneau said that this arbitrary detention of foreign citizens as a diplomatic bargaining chip is “unacceptable”. Other signatories include the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and almost 27 member states of the European Union.

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Garno said on the phone: “It is neither legal nor ethical to take people away from their homes and use them as bargaining chips.” He also said that this is the first time that many countries have tried to sign a joint declaration in this regard. .

The declaration does not target any country. Gano said the purpose of the declaration is to exert diplomatic pressure on countries that detain foreigners or countries that attempt to do so. Reuters reported that an anonymous Canadian official said,Chinese Communist PartyThere have been precedents in countries such as Iran, Russia, and North Korea that arrested foreigners, causing international concerns.

However, the CCP seems to be eager to take a seat. Before the 58-nation Declaration was officially released, the CCP’s official media “Global Times” first quoted so-called “anonymous experts” as saying that the initiative was a “provocative lame attack” against the CCP.

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Last November, Francois-Philippe Champagne, the former foreign minister of Canada, put forward this initiative. He revealed at the time that Canada is leading the formation of a multinational action plan to respond to the Chinese government’sHostage diplomacy“In terms of human rights violations, we will continue to challenge China (the CCP),” he said.

Reuters reported that a Canadian official believed that this declaration might help put pressure on the CCP. He said: “We want them (the CCP) to feel uncomfortable. We want them to know that many countries think they are This approach is unacceptable. Hopefully, as the event goes on, this declaration will help change those behaviors.”

The CCP often resorts to “hostage diplomacy” to retaliate or threaten internationally, such as the arrest in December 2018 by the Canadian governmentMeng WanzhouA few days later, the CCP detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor for “endangering national security.” Canada condemns this as hostage diplomacy, while the CCP insists that the two cases are not connected.

Because Australia insists on conducting independent international investigations into the source of the virus, China-Australia relations have also become increasingly tense. In June last year, the CCP again used “hostage diplomacy” to sentence an Australian suspect who was previously arrested by China to death. To this, Australian Prime Minister Morrison made a strong response.

US Secretary of State speaks on the 58-nation Declaration: Urges more countries to join

US Secretary of State Blincoln said, “It is an honor to participate in this initiative, and I thank Canada for its leadership in this regard.”

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He said: “This is totally unacceptable. This is already prohibited by the international human rights conventions. However, some countries are still doing this. As a global family, we must stand up against it. This arbitrary detention violates the human rights of the detainees. It brings pain to their families and threatens everyone who travels, works and lives abroad.”

He said: “The fact that so many countries support this declaration shows its power. Let us maintain this momentum now. I urge more countries to join us and clearly declare that arbitrary detention is not tolerated in state-to-state relations. Humanity is not a bargaining chip. This is about human rights and the rule of law. Together we will stand up for both.”

Last week, the US State Department called for the release of two Canadians and rejected the CCP’s “use of coercion as a political means.”

After the U.S. Department of Justice arrested a number of CCP scholars connected with the CCP military in 2020, the CCP voiced through various channels, threatening to arrest Americans for revenge. In the travel warning issued by the US State Department in September 2020, American citizens are advised to think twice before going to China, because the CCP “may detain citizens of other countries “as a bargaining chip with foreign governments.”

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