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The 5 things you should know this January 17: Five years after Nisman’s death

It started, now yes, the political judgment. What happened to the plane that sprayed fuel over several schools? This is what you should know to start the day. First the truth. Subscribe to the newsletter

1. The political trial began now

The judgment political It has already officially begun in the Senate: the prosecutors of the House of Representatives read the articles of political judgment on the floor of the Senate. It is part of many ceremonial aspects that occur to begin the trial against President Donald Trump. This is what follows.

2. There is trade agreement

Senators of U.S approved the main legislative priority of President Donald Trump, the revised North American Free Trade Agreement. The new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada was overwhelmingly approved in the House of Representatives in December, and after the Senate vote, it now goes to the desk of President Donald Trump for his signature.

3. Five years after Nisman’s death

The death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman in 2015 shocked Argentina, and his death, one of the most mysterious in Argentina, still remains unsolved. Look here the chronology of events which led to the death of Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor whose death has triggered years of unanswered questions.

4. What happened to the plane that sprayed fuel?

A Delta plane that sprayed children in six Los Angeles schools with fuel this week left many bewildered about how such a maneuver occurred in a populated area. While federal officials investigate the incident that affected 60 people, These are the answers to the key questions.

5. One in 5 deaths worldwide is due to sepsis

Infections and deaths Sepsis worldwide are double what was previously estimated, according to a new study. Sepsis also remains the most common cause of deaths andn hospitals in the United States, which costs that country US $ 24,000 million a year.


At coffee time

Snow and ice storms will hit parts of the United States over the weekend

This Friday will develop a strong winter storm on the Plains and travel quickly to the east of the United States during the weekend.

They discover a possible “super earth” orbiting the star closest to our Sun

Researchers have traced a signal that they believe belongs to a “super earth” orbiting Next Centauri, just 4.2 light years from Earth.

First appearance of Prince Henry after megxit

Prince Henry made his first public appearance since he and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, announced last week that they will step back as members of royalty.

A spot of hot water in the Pacific Ocean killed one million seabirds

Up to one million seabirds died at sea in less than 12 months, in one of the largest mass deaths recorded in history, and researchers say warm ocean waters are to blame.

Wolf puppies, like domesticated dogs, love to play ‘bring the ball’

This means that, like dogs, wolves also have the ability to understand the signs of human communication, According to a new study.

The day’s figure

8,023 refugees

There are currently 30 shelters on the south coast of Puerto Rico with 8,023 people affected by the earthquakes that have not ceased in recent weeks. Donald Trump signed the disaster declaration for the territory, which makes federal funds available to care for those affected.


The date of the day

“I recant … My deepest conviction has always been the defense of life and peace.”

The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales recants having suggested that in his country “armed militias of the people” should be organized as in Venezuela.


And to finish…

Shocking video NASA shows how the world is getting hotter

Earth’s surface temperatures in 2019 were the second highest since the modern records began in 1880 according to an analysis by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Look at video that shows the evolution of temperatures on our planet. Is awesome.



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