The 3D image of Jupiter shows strange circular clouds


Jupiter always looks great in camera shooting. Images of Jupiter often show the gas giant planet surrounded by swirling clouds and Jupiter’s graceful bands of colored clouds.

A team of scientists wanted to know what Jupiter’s wild clouds looked like from their depths. Then, they created beautiful 3D images with the help of NASA’s Juno spacecraft.

Gerald Eichstadt led the animation project, drawing on data from the JunoCam spacecraft, to create a digital elevation map of the cloud tops, which produces stunning images and animations that make them look like frozen cupcakes.


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“Juno’s mission gives us the opportunity to observe Jupiter in a way that is essentially inaccessible to Earth-based telescopic observations, ”Eichstadt said Cnet.

“We can see the same features of the cloud from very different angles in minutes,” he added.

The results of the research, which was first published on September 21, 2022, are more than just images. The team said the digital model could also help scientists refine their understanding of the chemical composition of clouds.

“The video helps us think Jupiter not just as smooth marble suspended in the darkness of space, but as a planet with layers and depth, “said Eichstadt.


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