The 3 keys to Leeds’ rise, according to Rafael Bielsa: “I don’t see another team playing football that well”


He hasn’t traveled to England since his brother took over Leeds United two years ago, but he’s the team’s No. 1 follower from a distance. Rafael Bielsa received the key to access the streaming of the matches of the British team in the Championship. And none of the 44 that has been disputed were lost. He was frustrated last year, suffered in this second campaign and today clenched his fist. Exclusively with Infobae, analyzed Marcelo’s achievement.

“I couldn’t watch the West Bromwich match but the last one from Leeds made me suffer like an animal. It was all or nothing, I suffered it as if it had been a fight against Cassius Clay, a horrible thing. Thank God it was unlocked and already up, that will produce a better performance on Sunday. ” Rafael takes a deep breath and blends in with his brother 11,000 kilometers away. He hardly tastes the victory thinking about tomorrow’s commitment to Derby County, which can serve to define whether he is a champion or not.

The Argentine Ambassador to Chile puts politics aside for a few minutes and plunges into an area that he is also passionate about like soccer. He lived closely the two seasons of Leeds and traces the comparison: “There were players who grew a lot like Phillips, Bamford and Harrison. Others were stationed, like Alioski, who failed to make the qualitative leap.”

Regarding the last win against Barnsley, he criticized the Loco for the tactical drawing change and evaluated that the halftime changes did not work for him. That Ayling and Dallas did not perform as they had been doing in other positions, that in the second half the team broke up and messed up, and that the rival complicated more than was necessary despite having been last in the table and surely deserved a better The result, something Marcelo had recognized at the post-1-0 press conference on Elland Road.

Bielsa achieved the main objective: to advance to the Premier League.  Now going for the Championship title (Action Images / Ed Sykes)

Bielsa achieved the main objective: to advance to the Premier League. Now going for the Championship title (Action Images / Ed Sykes)

According to Rafael there were three fundamental keys that led to Leeds’ promotion to the Premier League.

1) “The first thing I saw differently is that the team physically came in much stronger than last year. The issue of resistance to effort and not reaching goals at a certain moment but sustaining them in that, changed. Last year the team in the last 7 or 8 times I saw it physically decline and it is a team that depends a lot on its deployment. This season I saw him much better in that regard. In the second to last game, Ayling’s run for the goal in the 89th minute marked how physically they are. ”

2) “It seems to me that the device for covering spaces improved considerably. This year she incorporated the theft of the ball when the rival takes it on offense without committing fouls. It is a totally worked thing and it was seen a lot the amount of balls that this tournament was stolen from rival players thrown to the attack by the forwards in reverse, from behind. It acquired a defensive automatism that it did not have before. ”

3) “The last thing I noticed is that the team was somewhat uplifted from the previous tournament. Last year the team was like a young rocking horse, it had dazzling gallops, it scored 5 goals in one game and the other one fell flat out. Many ups and downs. This was a more mature team in resource management. ”

But to the dynamic promoted by the 64-year-old coach, a quota of lyricism and aesthetics is added, Rafael said: “They never gave up the football they propose, which has beauty. You may like it or not, but football is on the way to industrializing And when it becomes an industry, the demand is industrial and is measured by results that can be measured. “

Rafael and Marcelo share soccer fanaticism

Rafael and Marcelo share soccer fanaticism

How do you respond to those who say that the style of Loco physically and mentally breaks your teams? “Football is going towards that, it is going to come back as fast as possible with the only ergonomic limit. There will be less and less space for players like Riquelme, which does not mean that there is no beauty. In the last game Harrison threw a spout that was an extraordinary thing and Bamford stepped on the ball from back to front as the Trench Carlovich. There is still beauty, but it is dizzying beauty. ”

Rafael Bielsa does not negotiate objectivity. If Leeds does not deserve to win against the bottom of the table, they recognize it. If the changes did not give your brother positive results, he is the first to highlight him. But when it comes to being appreciative, do not avoid that role: “I don’t see the Premier League, I don’t follow it, but I don’t know if there will be a team that plays much better football than it does today in Leeds. Maybe I speak in vain and you tell me that Manchester has two 2-meter-10 centers that dribble out, I don’t know. But playing soccer like when Leeds plays soccer well, I don’t see it anywhere. In Argentine soccer, clearly not. ”

The interview closed with one last question.

– Are you going to give him something for his birthday this Tuesday?

Nooo, I’m not going to give you anything. Not at all, the gift was already given by God with the promotion.


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