the 3 cases to be managed for the 37th day

The 37Serie A matchday approaches and in addition to the classic tips of Fantasy Football there is also to be reckoned with 3 ballots to manage. Several delicate cases on which we want to focus, naturally trying to advise you in the best possible way. For this 37th matchday of Serie A, here are the three ballots that we have identified: Ikoné-Saponara (Fiorentina); Traoré-Djuricic (Sassuolo); Messias-Saelemaekers (Milan).

Fantasy football tips, 37th matchday of Serie A: how to manage these three ballots

How to manage the 3 most important ballots for Fantasy Football in anticipation of the 37th matchday of Serie A? Delicate cases follow each other day after day and also for this reason we are here, trying to advise you in the best way and trying to identify the most important headaches of each shift. To avoid leaving bonuses on the bench, let’s try to clarify on three ballots to manage for this 37th matchday of Serie A identified by us (the appeal is addressed both to the owners of one of the two, and to those who have them both), also referring to our probable formations.

  • Ikoné-Saponara (Fiorentina) – Tight ballot, but in this case it could be inclined to deploy both regardless, if taken individually. If, on the other hand, you have both, it is better to go to the favorite to play from the first minute, as well as the one in the best shape and that is Ikoné.
  • Traoré-Djuricic (Sassuolo) – In this case the Ivorian is widely favored in the ballot, but watch out for the several minutes that could be granted to Djuricic in the final. In a game that we expect to be very open, watch out for substitutes. You can place them both individually, but even if you have them in the same squad. If you have to choose one, Traoré is better.
  • Messias-Saelemaekers (Milan) – Tight ballot, so be careful. Both could deceive you about the time, but we don’t expect much in terms of bonuses either. If you have one or both, maybe at most you could go to Messias.
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Tips for the 37th day fantasy football are represented by a wide range that concerns both the players to be deployed (the classic ideal formation), 5 names for attack, for defense and for midfield, but also those to be avoided, always focusing department by department from defense up to attack and obviously passing through the midfield. In addition, there is also space for intriguing columns such as I Fanta Ex as well as the possible 11 surprises. Without forgetting, however, also the section dedicated to goalkeepers and the one that speaks instead of Fantasy Football Mantra (with recommendations, not recommended and bets).

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