The 22-year-old teenager asked for reconciliation, the 5th grade girlfriend was refused, grabbed 4 guns, fired at the house

Chumphon, the most brutal Jo, Ma Ngor, the girlfriend of M.5 to the front of the house, was rejected. Blood in the face, draw a gun, aim to fire 4 shots Before requesting compensation for karma

At 09.00 on January 14, 64, Lt. Col. Lap Kham Phaphan, Police Station Police Officer Sawi was informed that someone was shot at house at 18/3, Village No. 3, Pak Subdistrict. Prak, Sawee District, Chumphon Province, after receiving the notification, he reported to the supervisor, along with Police Colonel Udon Kaew Suksri, Ph.D. Sorvor Sawee, Pol. Maj. Sayan Chantamas, Deputy Director General. (Investigate) Lt. Col. Thiradej, strong SSS, with Lt. Col. Thani Nakhokwik, Director of Police Police, Chumporn Province Bringing a police force to investigate the crime scene together with the police probation division Doctor Sawee Hospital And the Chumphon Rescue Charity Unit

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The scene was a one-story cement house on the Pak Phraek Road – Ban Nong Phrom. Inside the garage next to the house, the body was found. Nong Ai (fictional name), age 17, student in Grade 5, Sawiwittaya School Lie on his back, died next to a motorcycle, brand RYUKA, green, registered 1 ก. 2349 Chumphon has the key inserted. And fell against a motorcycle, red and black Honda Wave, registration 1 Kor 6309 Chumphon had blood flowing on the floor with Mr. Thanon, Mrs. Wasana, and Nang Niab, parents and grandmother sitting mourning and sorrowful.

The investigation found that Nong Ai, the victim, was shot by a .38-caliber firearm, one shot into the right ear, 1 shot into the left chest, 2 right arms, a total of 4 shots. Near the body, 5 shells were also found and a small carry bag. Police therefore collected them as evidence Before bringing the body to the hospital to have a detailed autopsy again

The grandmother said before the accident, her granddaughter was going to take her youngest sister’s homework to her working mother. For mom to take it to the teacher at school But while Nong Ai walked to the motorcycle Saw Nong Ai’s ex-boyfriend, whom Nong Ai had said that they had broken up for a while Come to stand and talk, expecting to come to reconcile. In which he sits and sewing in front of the house Moments later, Nong Ai cried out loudly and pretended to run into the house, but then heard two gunshots immediately falling and died. He himself ran away to a place to be safe, afraid of being followed by shooting in his mouth. When the sound of silence came to watch the ex-boyfriend ran away. And notify the police

Subsequently, Pol. Lieutenant Colonel Thani Nakhokwik, Deputy Chief of Staff Police Deputy Chumphon Provincial Police Lieutenant Colonel Thiradej Strong, Deputy Director General, Police Officer Sawee Has gathered evidence and investigated witnesses at the scene. Know that the villain is Mr. Anantapong Prompuek or Che, 22 years old, Tha Hin Sub-district, Sawee District, Chumphon Province, Tha Hin Sub-district, Sawee District, Chumphon Province, riding a motorcycle and parked in an oil palm plantation away from the back of their hometown. For about 100 meters to ambush to wait until he saw the deceased walk to bring the motorcycle next to the house. Therefore walked over and tried to reconcile but did not work Therefore causing such an incident And ran to drive the parked motorcycle to escape

Then during the late Mr. Anantapong Haraj, the brutal gunman shot the ex-girlfriend. Contacted via chat line message to Mr. Thanachai Muang Ngam or Win, 18, who is a relative of the deceased. By saying that the cause because he wanted to clear it and asked him why he broke up with him But refused to reconcile and saw that the younger brother shouted and shouted Shocked and shot dead And he is going to surrender himself to the police, admitting wrong in doing everything.

Until noon, Lt. Colonel Thiradej, Deputy Director General of Police Police Sawi Ready to detain Mr. Anantapong or Jay, a gunman with a Yamaha Mio motorcycle, blue, registration of 166 Ratchaburi, the vehicle for the crime, came to the police investigation room Sawee Police Station, accompanied by a grandmother. As for the firearm that caused the accident, after the shot was thrown into the canal. On the way, which is in the process of coordinating the search rescuers In order to be neutral before the next charge of prosecution.

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