The 2022 contributory pensions not affected by the Draghi reform, what are they?

Between Quota 102 and the extended Woman Option, there are as well contributory pensions for 2022 which remain unchanged and confirmed. That is, measures that have not been affected by the pension reform that was passed by the Italian government led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi. So let’s see what they are. And also what are the requirements for both the chronological age. Both for contribution seniority request.

In detail, with contributory pensions it is possible to retire from work at the age of 64. That is, with the same registration requirement of Quota 102 which will start next year. But among the 2022 contributory pensions there is also the one whose age requirement reaches a good 71 years. But with a modest contribution seniority required.

The contributory pensions for 2022 not touched by the Draghi reform, here are what they are

In detail, among the contributory pensions for 2022 not affected by the Draghi reform, the 64-year-old one stands out. With at least 20 years of compulsory social security contributions paid. But in compliance with two further conditions. That is, the compulsory social security contributions all paid in the pure contribution system. In addition, to access the measure it is necessary that the amount of the check exceeds by at least 2.8 times the amount that theINPS recognizes for the disbursement of the social allowance.

Among the contributory pensions for 2022 not affected by the Draghi reform there is also that at 71. As mentioned above. With the contribution requirement which in this case is equal to just 5 years of social security contributions paid. However, even in this case, contributions must always be part of the pension calculation system using the method of pure contributory.

What changes instead from next year for pensions?

Having clarified which are the 2 contributory pensions for 2022 not touched, what changes instead with the Draghi reform? Change the Quota 100.

Which expires on December 31, 2021. To leave space from next year, and only for 12 months, to the Quota 102.

Change as well Woman option with the introduction of a 2-year step. Just as theApe Sociale which has been extended. As for the heavy duty list. As reported in this article.

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