The 1DAUGHTER OF RAGE: A Powerful Tale of Education, Poverty, and Violence in Nicaragua

L1-year-old Maria and her mother Lilibeth live on the edge of Nicaragua’s largest garbage dump, which they scour during the day for anything that can be used. Their future depends on selling a litter of purebred puppies to a local gangster. When the deal fails, Lilibeth goes into town, leaving Maria at a recycling center to raise much-needed money.

The 1DAUGHTER OF RAGE is the first feature film by a female director from Nicaragua. It impressively reveals the profound connection between education, poverty and the relentless violence to which women are exposed. Experiences of violence are one of the biggest problems faced by women in the Central American country and pose a threat to their physical and mental health.

Laura Baumeister, Germany / France / Mexico / Nicaragua / Netherlands / Norway / Spain, 2022, 90 min., feature film, OmeU

From producers: Rossana Baumeister, Bruna Haddad, Laura Baumeister, Martha Oroszo

Note on the versions of the films:

OmdU: Original with German subtitles I OmeU: Original with English subtitles I OV: Original version I DF: German version I EF: English version

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