The 1994 Expos are still talking … even in New York

Not only did the Montreal Expos have the chance to win the World Series in 1994, they could have formed a dynasty for several more years.

This is the observation made following a heartbreaking report published in the Thursday edition of the famous daily New York Post.

“How the 1994 season cut short by the strike deprived the Expos of a first title of a nascent dynasty”, one writes.

On the full page of the newspaper, we find the famous Expos cap placed on the field of the Olympic Stadium. A card of pitcher Pedro Martinez accompanies the visual, as does a baseball with the seams undone. Like the open wound left to many people nostalgic for the Expos, but also to various members of this late team.

“I’ll always wonder, until I’m in my grave,” said Ken Hill, in particular, about the possible championship of 1994.

The rest is known: in just a few days, in April 1995, the Expos liquidated Marquis Grissom, John Wetteland and Hill through various transactions. Then, Larry Walker in turn left as a free agent.

“I didn’t want to leave, but we knew the Expos couldn’t pay us,” Hill said. It was written in the sky. When the strike broke, we knew it was our last chance to play together. ”

“It was really a blow in the balls when we started to dismantle the team, more than the strike”, for his part noted the former third baseman Sean Berry, quoted in turn by the “New York Post”.

Kevin Malone poster

Former Expos general manager Kevin Malone, also interviewed by the New York daily in this report, lets it be known that he himself has not yet fully digested the unfolding of events in 1994. At home, he keeps besides in his office a photo of the ring of the World Series that the Expos could have obtained.

“I was friends with the guys who took care of the championship rings and I joined them after the 1994 season. They made me a poster of what had been imagined,” explained Malone. It reminds me of what it could have looked like, what it could have been and what it should have been. ”

“It would be easier to think we weren’t as good as we thought we were, but at least we wished we had a chance. Then you can negotiate with it, put it all behind and move on. The way it happened, it drags on and it doesn’t go away. “


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