the 18,000 “forgotten” agents will receive the increase of € 183 per month

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, announced on Thursday an agreement with three hospital unions to extend the increase of 183 euros net per month from June 1 to 18,000 agents who remained on the sidelines of the Ségur de la santé. This “new majority agreement” was signed with FO, CFDT and Unsa, he said on Twitter.

The document, released on Tuesday by FO-Santé, targets social and medico-social services ” attached »To a public hospital (home care, disability) as well as some ” other structures »Shared between several establishments (pharmacies, laundries).

The stated objective is to ” preserve the stability of human resources “, Generalizing the” cAdditional index treatment »Paid since September 2020 to almost all hospital workers.

“A first step”

This revaluation will be taken into account upon its entry into force for the calculation of future retirement pensions. According to the Ministry of Health, it will cost a total of 83 million euros per year to social Security.

« More is better than nothing “, Welcomed Unsa-Santé, welcoming” a first step “On the way to” equity in the hospital public service “. It remains to decide the fate of the “autonomous” structures and their some 7,000 agents, whose situation “ will be the subject of rapid negotiations, from March 1 », According to the signed agreement.

« Equal treatment must continue », Reacted the CFDT-Health, which aims for its part« the private associative sector »And its hundreds of thousands of employees, where discussions stumble on the number of beneficiaries, therefore the overall budget.

FO-Santé goes even further and promises to ” continue the fight “For establishments” autonomous “And” those in the private sector “, but also ” from the other sides of the civil service ».



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