The 110% super eco-bonus “is now fully operational”: this is how it works

The super ecobonus of 110 percent, foreseen by the revival decree, is now «Fully operational». To say it is the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, referring to the “signature of the interministerial decree” – carried out on Thursday evening by the Minister of Economic Development Patuanelli – which defines the technical characteristics that energy efficiency interventions must satisfy ».

Gualtieri explains that “it is a deduction, spread over 5 years, also transferable to banks and insurance companies or to the company that carries out the work in the form of a discount on the invoice” and “concerns all those interventions that reduce the environmental impact of buildings , they produce energy savings and protect against seismic risks “: interventions such as the installation of photovoltaic systems connected to the electricity grid on buildings and columns for charging electric vehicles are included, among others. The goal, he continues, is to “re-evaluate the real estate assets of Italians and to give a strong boost to investments in a fundamental supply chain for the Italian economy, which has always been one of the engines of growth in the country”.

As is well known, the provision allows tax relief (110%, in fact) for expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021 at home for energy efficiency: a necessary condition to be able to access the bonus is to get a improvement of two energy classes.

The deductions can be discounted in the following 5 years, as long as you don’t prefer to choose the other options: the discount on the invoice or the assignment of credit. Within the complex rules of the new measure, they hide truly delicious opportunities but also some disadvantages that can make the estimate inconsistent or impractical tax relief.

Said the Revenue Agency has published a very detailed guide to the provision, which can be downloaded here, the Courier had already explained here – with the help of 10 concrete questions – what are the cases in which it is convenient to take advantage of the bonus.

Compared to the first version, the super ecobonus entered into force, however, presents some novelties: first of all they have changed the maximum spending limits for condominium work. For the insulation of buildings up to 40 thousand euros can be obtained per real estate unit in condominiums from two to eight houses and 30 thousand for condominiums from nine houses and over (the original version of the decree it provided for 60 thousand euros regardless of the number of houses). Also for the condominiums, the roofs for the changing the boiler: the original 30 thousand euros are now 20 thousand for condominiums from two to eight real estate units and 15 thousand euros for larger units. For single-family homes, the eco-bonus is it also extends to second homes (no more than two), while it is not possible to take advantage of the discount in the case of luxury home (cadastral categories A / 1; A / 8; A / 9).

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