The 10-yr-old’s upper body was massaged and touched by words and phrases

The 10-year-old’s chest was massaged and touched by words

Liang Shengzu, the 2nd defendant in the 1999 Howdy Kitty corpse scenario, was billed with indecent assault when he massaged the upper body of his friend’s 10-yr-old daughter in December final yr. Yesterday he was sentenced to the West Kowloon court docket. The justice of the peace explained that the conviction for manslaughter of the accused had been dedicated lots of a long time back and the court docket would not have imposed an more sentence on this, but designed it obvious that the situation would not be treated leniently and last but not least sentenced the charged with 12 months in prison.

The defendant, Liang Shengzu, is 48 a long time previous and noted doing the job as a waiter. Justice of the peace Shi Zuyao claimed in yesterday’s ruling that the defense questioned that lady X only remembered staying touched in the upper body, but did not recall how lengthy she experienced acknowledged the defendant, etcetera., that they have been not the essential. circumstance, and there was no elementary change concerning X’s testimony and his mother. Additionally, the defense questioned that X did not answer quickly when the defendant touched him, and Shi Guan considered that X was a 10-calendar year-aged girl and that she could not be predicted to endure as a younger male or adult. .

Officer Shi reprimanded the defendant for saying that he did not massage X when he recorded his statement, and the court confessed to possessing confirmed the therapeutic massage to his son and X. The statement was inconsistent with the statement in court .

First prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment commuted to 18 a long time on appeal

Some netizens heatedly argued that Liang once participated in the case of hiding the entire body and dedicated the criminal offense all over again just after his launch. In 1999, a 23-yr-previous girl, Lover Minyi, was imprisoned in a mansion on Granville Street, Tsim Sha Tsui. The woman was dismembered immediately after her dying and Liang Shengzu also attended. The girl’s entire body finally disappeared and her head was boiled and stuffed into a Hello there Kitty doll, hence the title of the situation.

Law enforcement then arrested 3 people today, particularly Chen Wenle, 33, Liang Shengzu, 26, and Liang Weilun, 19. In 2000, a Significant Courtroom jury observed the a few defendants not guilty of murder but convicted of murder. culpable and sentenced them to everyday living imprisonment. The a few subsequently filed an attractiveness on attractiveness. Only Liang Shengzu’s charm was accepted and his sentence was modified to 18 a long time in prison in 2004. He was released from prison in 2011.

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