That’s why we’ll have to say goodbye to the landline

France started saying goodbye to landlines in 2018 and now doubts arise for us too. This very useful tool has kept us company for many years. Before social media and cell phones it was the only way to hear friends and family in real time.

Many, therefore, are linked more by nostalgia than by real usefulness. For practical reasons, however, now the time for this type of telephony seems to be running out. That’s why we’ll have to say goodbye to the landline.

The era of the smartphone

There are those who still turn up their noses to hear it, but this one is the era of the smartphone. With the advent of cell phones, phone calls have come out of the living room or telephone booths.

Now we can also call from the top of the mountains (not always!) At any time. Costs are also in favor of mobile telephony. We no longer spend tens of euros for conversations lasting a few minutes.

Thanks to the many fixed-price offers from the main telephone operators, we can call practically for free throughout the country. Even if fixed line prices are much lower than in the past, keeping a landline still means paying for two subscriptions.

That’s why we’ll have to say goodbye to the landline

According to AGCOM fewer and fewer Italians use landlines. From 2011 to 2019, their number fell by as much as 20%.

And the telephone companies know this well too. Many, in fact, are slowly eliminating copper lines and replacing them with fiber. This will not force us to abandon the fixed. But calls with these phones will go through the internet and no longer over the traditional phone line.

Landline phone offers are, in fact, increasingly sold together with internet contracts for the home. If, therefore, we can now do everything with the smartphone, the few aficionados of the remaining fixed phone will have to resign themselves. This tool is undergoing an evolution that will make it increasingly dependent on the internet and, in a few years, even obsolete.

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