That’s what Sony says officially about the PlayStation 5 release

Many users are waiting for the PS5 release or at least for the official price. Now Sony has commented on the release and it should definitely be in 2020.

Who’s speaking? Eric Lempel also spoke in the interview Lempel is the Vice President and Head of Worldwide Marketing & Consumer Experience at PlayStation.

This is what Sony said about the release: Lempel explained in an interview that the PS5 release will definitely take place in 2020. So he said:

We’re going to start this year – that’s going to happen – and on my part, we’re going to absolutely make sure we bring all the magic and excitement of the launches we’ve had in the past.

We are still determined to do that. It’s more challenging than ever, but our players expect a lot from us.

Eric Lempel, Vice President and Head of Worldwide Marketing & Consumer Experience at PlayStation, Source:

Although he did not give an exact date, he made it clear once again that Sony firmly assumes that the PlayStation 5 will be released on time for the end of the year.

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The official Sony PS5 commercial

Sony on PS5 and advertising: Corona as a new challenge

What else was Sony talking about? He also came up in the interview the new PS5 advertisement to speak of that Sony had released. According to Lempel, this commercial is also an opportunity to get in touch with interested parties. If there wasn’t a corona pandemic, people would have at a trade fair like that gamescom can touch the hardware:

“If the world were a normal place we would be out there with demo stations at various events, with the ability for consumers to touch and interact with the product and really understand what we are talking about.

The challenge was early on: How do we try to express this with a commercial and how do we create a commercial at the same time, given the current restrictions imposed by the global pandemic? So that was a challenge for us on all fronts.

Eric Lempel, Vice President and Head of Worldwide Marketing & Consumer Experience at PlayStation, Source:

Here’s more about the PlayStation 5: Are you looking for more information about the new console from Sony? We have we all important information about the PS5 summarized for you and keep you up to date.

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