That’s what Queen Elizabeth’s new corgis are called | Royalty

The Queen has named the puppies Fergus and Muick. Fergus, a dorgi (a crossbreed with a dachshund), is named after her late uncle Fergus Bowes-Lyon, who died during World War I in 1915, according to The Sun. And Muick was named after Loch Muick, a lake on the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland, where she and her family often travel for a picnic during their August and September vacations. The Queen and her new dogs are currently living in Windsor Castle with a small, close-knit staff during the corona pandemic.

The Queen is known for her love of corgis, but her last dog of that particular breed, Whisper, passed away in 2018. She inherited it in 2016 from Bill Fenwick, a former game warden on Sandringham, after his death. In fact, one of Queen Elizabeth’s most famous dogs, Monty, once starred in a film that was set at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

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