that’s how it really should have gone

There is no WWE news about Jeff Hardy yet, but the feeling among people backstage is that on Monday on Raw he miraculously avoided a potentially very serious injury when he performed a Swanton Bomb during his match with Elias.

If you missed it, Hardy made the move outside the ring, where Elias was positioned on a table. It all happened at the end of the match, and the maneuver ended with the Charismatic Enigma that seemed to land with the back of the head on the steel steps. Obviously, that’s not how the commercial was supposed to go. revealed that the commercial was originally planned to protect both athletes and Hardy should have avoided any obstacles or blunt objects as he crashed into Elias in the center of the table.

Jeff Hardy: That’s why things got so bad on Raw

Hardy actually took the wrong aim, even if only by a few inches. This is why his head hit the steps. In the replay, it looked like Hardy’s head hadn’t hit the steps with full force, probably because Elias and the table took the brunt of the move.

Dave Meltzer also dealt with the story, who noted in his ‘Wrestling Observer Newsletter’ that many were worried that Jeff Hardy might have suffered a concussion. This hypothesis has not been confirmed because at the time Meltzer exposed the situation, the former United States Champion had yet to be visited. WWE will continue to monitor Jeff Hardy to make sure he is okay.

During a post-match interview for, however, Jeff Hardy said he hopes he will never fight in a Symphony of Destruction Match again and that Swanton Bomb looked much worse on TV than it actually is. gone. The athlete nonetheless appeared in heartening physical condition, although he was yet to be visited by WWE.

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