That’s how it is now with Lotte and Rob: ‘It’s as if we’ve stepped into our mood board’

For over a year, the young couple searched week after week for their new home. Where Lotte preferred to continue living in her Den Bosch, Rob saw himself settling down in a green village near the city of De Bossche bol. While they both wanted to add some water to the wine, they just couldn’t get in the way. Often they just didn’t have the highest bid, even if they were outbid by €50,000.

Lotte: “We normally had a maximum of six and a minimum of two viewings per week. Really an awful lot! When Rob got a job in Ede, there was more pressure behind our search. However pleasant it may be, sitting with roommates is no longer ideal. ”

We spoke to the couple about their participation and asked how they are doing now.

‘We won’t be’

Quite daring to hand over your money. Still, Lotte and Rob got to the point where they thought it was worth the suspense. At least, Lotte. She gave them up without Rob knowing in the first place. “We were completely in the housing market, but it just really didn’t work out. At one point a friend sent me the registration form for Buying Without Watching. Inside no time I filled it in because I thought “we won’t be.” I was wrong about that.” The moment Lotte was asked to make a vlog, she had to tell her boyfriend. Even then I still thought “we won’t be.”

To their surprise, Martijn suddenly appeared on the doorstep to tell them that they were one of the lucky couples this season. Although the couple knew the program, Rob indicates that he does not follow it closely on a weekly basis. Did he know what he’d said yes to? “When it got more serious, I started watching a lot of episodes. I said ‘A’, so we’ll do ‘B’ too.”

Devil from a box

Was the couple so close to despair of their first home that they dared to hand over their money? Lotte: “Admittedly, we were quite desperate, yes. I was also like ‘just buy something’, then we’re done. We had a lot of confidence in Bob and Roos and I thought “They’ll make something out of it.” It had been made so difficult for us to intervene in the housing market, so with the idea of ​​handing over our money, I was quickly at peace.” Rob adds that he was a little calmer and knew that everything would be fine. always quite optimistic. All the time I said to Lotte ‘Just watch out, when the concession clock (new part in Buying Without Watching) ends soon, they will bring good news.’ As the clock went down, I started to squeeze it a bit. In the end, my hunch turned out to be right, luckily!”

The couple were very relieved when, just as the concession clock ran out, they were told by Alex that they didn’t have to make concessions, but that they had bought a house. Lotte: “The end of the concession clock meant that we had to make even more concessions. Because we wanted to have a house as soon as possible, we had already made so many concessions for ourselves. At that moment, we lost our courage a bit, because what more could they want? We were thrilled when we got the good news from Alex. We couldn’t believe it!”

From handy house to ready-made house

The young couple themselves had not fallen for their house. Rob: “It’s not necessarily the house, but for Lotte it would have been a problem if it was in a village, I think.” “And the high-gloss white kitchen”, Lotte adds with a laugh. Rob: “For me the house was too finished and not to our taste. Doing the job wouldn’t be a problem, but it would feel like a waste of capital to demolish the kitchen and everything. So then you would rather look further at a DIY house where everything has to be new.”

‘Felt like home’

Despite the fact that the two had not made an offer on the house themselves for practical reasons, they are very happy and it immediately feels like their house. What did they like the most during their participation? “Seeing the house was great fun,” says Rob enthusiastically. “You walk in and the whole house is just finished. A very special moment.” “Euphoric”, adds Lotte. “It’s still special how this went.”

For both Rob and Lotte it felt good from the first encounter with their house. Rob: “I noticed that a lot of tension was removed from me. The house in which I lived with Lotte in Den Bosch never really started to feel like home. I was – so to speak – always with one buttock on the couch. When I walked in here, it immediately felt like home.” Lotte adds that her family had said beforehand that it would probably feel like they were living in a hotel. “It wasn’t at all. The first night we went down every ten minutes to see what it looked like again. I didn’t have to get used to it for a moment. That’s a very good sign!”

Fur with flowers

The couple is very happy with their house in Rossum in Gelderland and thought it was more than worth the tension. Lotte: “The house is like stepping into my mood board! I really like the wallpaper, but I don’t think I would have dared it myself. And now that it’s here, I’m so happy that Roos dared to take the risk. I would have chosen it, but I didn’t dare. I think it’s fantastic!” Rob also found the wallpaper and the pink sofa quite intense when exchanging the first glances. “If I had stood for it in the store, it wouldn’t have happened.” “Thank you Rose”, Lotte laughs.

What the couple also hadn’t thought of quickly was to give the whole house a pink tint. Rob: “It took some getting used to, but in the end I think it radiates peace. It’s just right.” Lotte: “Many people will find the sofa disgusting, but it just fits in the house.” No matter how well Roos has succeeded in creating a home with new things, the couple is also happy to see old familiar items again. “That’s really nice. Take paintings and photos, that makes you think “this is just my house.”

When asked if there are things that the couple has changed after the cameras were gone, Rob replies: “Actually it was only finicky things. It mainly concerns accessories from Roos’s hand. For example, we had a Chinese waving lucky kitten, but Lotte immediately covered it up. It didn’t bother me.”

Month one, check

The couple has now lived there for a little over a month. How do you like it? Lotte: “Yes, very good! It feels like a party to come home after work.” Rob adds with a wink: “I also have to say that I have never taken a wrong turn.”

For the time being, the couple sees themselves living here comfortably. Rob: “Should there be another opportunity in a few years’ time, then – let’s be honest, it is not our dream house in terms of appearance – then we will of course look at it. But it is not something that is now on the schedule.” Lotte: “Not at all, we’re in the right place here!”

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