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Samsung reissues its 2019 top smartphones from the S and Note 10 series as Lite models. With the Galaxy S10 Lite, Samsung is using a new video stabilization technology.

Before introducing the Samsung Galaxy S11, which is expected in February, the South Korean industry leader announces Lite versions of its 2019 top models. Despite the addition of the Lite, the equipment of the S10 and Note 10 Lite does not sound bad, with cutbacks being made here and there.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: that’s in it

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. (Photo: t3n)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is 159 x 73 x 8.1 millimeters in size. (Photo: t3n)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is like the US model of the Galaxy S10 (test) Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 SoC (System-on-a-Chip) is installed, which is supported by eight gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal memory – optionally it can be expanded via a micro SD card. Samsung uses a 6.7-inch Super Amoled screen with Full HD Plus resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels for the display, which features the 32 megapixel selfie camera as with the Galaxy Note 10 (test) in the middle of the top of the display. The fingerprint sensor is under the display glass as usual.

The highlight of the Galaxy S10 Lite is the camera: The main sensor has 48 megapixels and an f / 2.0 aperture, an ultra-wide-angle sensor with twelve megapixels and f / 2.2 and a macro lens with five megapixels and f / 2.4 are also on board. With the help of a tilt OIS (tOIS – optical image stabilization via module tilting) installed for the first time, the camera is able to mechanically compensate for movements of up to three degrees. The S10 Lite can thus be used better as an action camera, among other things

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. (Photo: t3n)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. (Photo: t3n)

Other features of the S10 Lite include a fairly large battery with 4,500 mAh, which can be quickly charged with up to 45 watts. Wireless charging is not supported on the Lite model. Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi according to ac standard are also installed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. (Photo: t3n)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite: cheapest model with pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. (Image: Samsung)

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Lite measures 174 x 76 x 8.6 millimeters and is about larger than the S10 Lite despite the same screen size. (Image: Samsung)

With the Note 10 Lite, Samsung is bringing its Note series into more affordable spheres for the first time – devices with S-Pen have previously cost around 1,000 euros. The Note 10 Lite will cost around 600 euros, but does not offer the full functionality of the Note 10 pen. For example, gesture control is missing, but not everyone needs it anyway.

The screen is the same Super Amoled panel as in the S10 Lite with a hole punch camera, and the selfie camera also has an identical 32 megapixel sensor. In contrast to the S10 Lite, Samsung uses the in-house Exynos 9810 chip for the Note 10 Lite, which is also used in the European S10 models. In terms of memory, six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of flash memory are integrated, the latter of which can also be expanded using a micro SD card.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. (Image: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. (Image: Samsung)

When it comes to the main camera, Samsung installs three sensors, each with twelve megapixels: Like the Galaxy S models of recent generations, the primary camera has a variable aperture from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4. The additional ultra wide-angle camera comes with f / 2.2 and the telephoto zoom with f / 2.4 aperture. In terms of camera skills and quality, the Note 10 Lite should be about the same as the S10.

As with the 10 Lite, Samsung has also canceled the wireless charging for the Note 10 Lite, which, according to the manufacturer, is related, among other things, to the housing material – both models are not made of glass, but a so-called “metal glass” – which is more in the direction of plastic and should be more robust. The metal content made the wireless charging of the 4,300 milliampere hour battery a problem. Instead of 45 watts, the energy storage can be charged with a maximum of 25 watts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. (Image: Samsung)

Both new models also support dual SIM (via hybrid SIM) and have no 5G modem installed. Software is ex works Samsung One UI 2.0 pre-installed that on Android 10 based.

The Galaxy S10 Lite will be available in black (“Prism Black”), white (“Prism White”) and blue (“Prism Blue”) from 649 euros in January, the Note 10 Lite in the colors Black (“Aura Black”), silver (“Aura Glow”) and red (“Aura Red”). The pen phone costs 599 euros.

Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71: New middle class

In addition to the two upper class smartphones, Samsung also has the two middle classes Galaxy A51 and A71 announced for the German market. The devices were already unveiled for some Asian markets in mid-December. Both models come with a hole punch display and Full HD Plus resolution – the A51 has a diagonal of 6.5 inches, the A71 comes with a 6.7 inch diagonal.

Samsung Galaxy A71. (Photo: t3n)

The highlight of the A71 is the main camera with 64 megapixels, which is supported by ultra-wide-angle, telephoto and macro cameras. The A51 comes with the same camera setup, while the main camera has a resolution of 48 megapixels.

Samsung uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730 as the processor already announced in April 2019 and in December replaced by the 765 (G) has been. The chip should still deliver sufficient performance. In terms of memory, the manufacturer offers variants with four to eight gigabytes of RAM as well as 64 and 128 gigabytes. The latter can be expanded by up to 512 gigabytes using a micro SD card.

The battery of the A51 is 4,000 mAh and can be charged with up to 15 watts. The A71 houses a 4,300 mAh battery and can be quickly charged with 25 watts.

The devices will come in the colors “Prism Crush Black”, “Prism Crush White”, “Prism Crush Blue” and “Prism Crush Pink” during the course of the first quarter at prices of around EUR 369 for the A51 and EUR 469 for the A71 in the trade.

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