Thanks to the emergency call system: a stolen car reports from the main panorama

The car was salvaged from the Main. Photo: dpa / Boris Roessler

Unknown thieves steal a high-quality car in Hessen – and then sink it in the Main. But the car “reports” – thanks to its emergency call system.

Offenbach – A stolen car sunk in the Main has “reported” to the emergency call system – and was found. The high-quality car was probably stolen in Hasselroth (Hesse) on Wednesday evening, the police in Offenbach announced on Thursday. He was rescued on Thursday with a crane on a special ship.

When the emergency call from the vehicle was received by the manufacturer’s security center, the vehicle owner had reportedly not yet missed his car. “He only noticed when we called,” said a police spokesman.

That night, the fire brigade and water police searched the localized river area with boats and divers – and found the car. It had also been checked whether there was a person in it, said a spokesman for the water police in Frankfurt. “As of now we will pick up an empty car.”



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