Thanks to her child’s dream, this mother won the lottery worth IDR 2.7 billion

A mother named Tithiya Bantaohame won a lottery worth IDR 2.7 billion thanks to her son’s dream. (Source: KHAOSOD)

UDON THANI, KOMPAS.TV – A mother managed to win the lottery for six million baht, or around Rp. 2.7 billion thanks to her child’s dream.

The durian was obtained by a mother named Tithiya Bantaohame who is from Udon Thani, Thailand.

As quoted from World of Buzz, it started when the prince of Bantaohame said in his dream, his friend who had died approached him.

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He wore a T-shirt with the words 1970 on it, and talked to him. As reported by Khaosod, according to his son the shirt was the one his friend wore when he died.

Bantaohame said the conversation between his son and his friend in a dream was quite strange.

“Why are you still fighting? Why are you not rich yet, “said his son’s friend.


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