“Thankful”: Football sensation discovers cancer diagnosis during routine medical examination

Football professional Foster Moreau from the NFL has made cancer public. The 25-year-old then announced that he would interrupt his career.

Moreau was a teammate of German pro Jakob Johnson with the Las Vegas Raiders last season, after which he was without a contract. According to him, the disease was diagnosed when he presented himself to the New Orleans Saints and underwent the obligatory medical check-up there.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders express condolences to Foster Moreau

“I have learned that I have Hodgkin Lymphoma and will be retiring from football to fight a new opponent: cancer. I’m grateful for the support and grateful for the people who stand by me,” Moreau said on Twitter.

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Moreau has played in the NFL since 2019, and the tight end has 12 touchdowns in four seasons. The Raiders tweeted: “The Raider family is with you, Foster.” (aw / dpa)

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The pharmaceutical company announced that its vaccine was 85% effective in preventing severe cases of RSV in older adults.

Today respiratory diseases have experienced an increase in cases in both children and adults and the respiratory syncytial virus (VRS) is one of the most common. This disease can have mild or severe symptoms, depending on each patient. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken a big step by approving this Wednesday the use of the Pfizer vaccine to treat RSV in older adults.

It is the second RSV vaccine the FDA has approved this month. The pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline It also got the green light from the regulator to market its own serum to treat the disease in older adults, The Hill reports.

RSV usually causes mild symptoms in healthy children and adults, but for the elderly it can lead to complications.

Between 60,000 and 160,000 people over the age of 65 are hospitalized each year for the disease in USA. Between 6,000 and 13,000 end up dying, according to The Hill.

In August, Pfizer announced that its vaccine was 85% effective in preventing severe cases of RSV in older adults.

In addition to the vaccine for the elderly, called Abrysvothe FDA is also considering approving Pfizer’s serum for pregnant women, which seeks to prevent RSV cases in babies.

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