Thank God I couldn’t meet Rizky Billar


Hetty Koes Endang be one of the people I close to Lesti Kejora. He was also shocked when he learned that Lesti Kejora was suspected of domestic violence.

Then Hetty Koes Endang knows the figure Bill Rizky? Hetty Koes Endang gave an answer on this question. She said she didn’t know Rizky Billar at all.

“Thank God I was unable to meet and (know) Billar,” said Hetty Koes Endang when she met at Studio 41 in the South Jakarta area on Friday (7/10/2022).


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Hetty Koes Endang once received an outpouring of heart from Lesti Kejora. But at that time not all of them were issued by Lesti Kejora.

“Yes, if you talk, it’s normal to let off steam, as long as the judges talk about singing, this only provides support and prayers for Dede,” added Hetty Koes Endang.

Hetty Koes Endang arrived when Lesti Kejora directing a siraman when he wanted to marry Rizky Billar. But again, she insisted she didn’t meet Rizky Billar.

“Yes, thank God I didn’t (I have to meet), my mother came in during the shower but didn’t (found it)” he said again.

Hetty Koes Endang said she was in Malaysia when she learned the news of Rizky Billar’s alleged domestic violence.

“Yes, he’s still in Malaysia, so I don’t know what he really is. But when I got home, I immediately asked him, ‘bubun (Lesti Kejora’s call to Hetty Koes Endang) pray for me,” said Hetty Koes Endang still.

Rizky Billar was absent yesterday during an examination with the South Jakarta police. Rizky Billar was represented only by his lawyer.

In his statement, Rizky Billar’s lawyers Ada Erpil and Surya Darma Simbolon denied any domestic violence.

“Lesti said he got banged, not banged. I asked Billar, was it true that Lesti got banged? That’s not true, brother. I asked Dede too,” Ade Erpil said.

Ade said Rizky Billar only fired Lesti Kejora. Because at that moment she was called Lesti and she was pulling Billar who wanted to go to the bathroom.

“There is no problem, just because it is exaggerated,” said Ade Erpil.

Watch videos”The police will examine 2 other witnesses in the case of domestic violence suffered by Lesti Kejora
[Gambas:Video 20detik]
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