Thalía thinks about going back to acting and fantasizes about opening a taqueria in NY

There were many rumors of the return of Thalía Sodi (City of Mexico, 1971) to soap operas and she got tired of repeating that this is something that has remained in her past, however, now she is interested in trying projects more in line with current times such as series.

“Telenovelas were already what founded me at the time, now we are in another era and we are open to different projects,” says the 49-year-old artist, who assures that she has refused numerous times to carry out a bioseries hers.

What is clear is that he loves to reinvent himself and as a person and artist he always sought to get out of his comfort zone to venture out and try new professional routes.

On the one hand, his unstoppable musical production, a space in which he had to constantly renew himself and which this year he exploited to the maximum with collaborations as diverse and youthful as they are romantic.

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“When you always do the same there is no longer a challenge, there is no longer ‘excitement’ (emotion) or ‘sexyness’ (sensuality). I like to push and I like collaborations because I learn from that partner with whom I am working”, says convinced.

This year alone he collaborated with artists such as Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar, Mexican Sofía Reyes, Colombian Farina, Puerto Rican Myke Towers and a few other artists.

However, she also enjoys her solo career and recently released a Christmas song by herself, and confesses that she is preparing a new album for next year.

“I also love being alone and singing my things and my styles, that Thalía style that can go from the sweetest and softest to the most aggressive and unhinged,” says Sodi, who claims to be “growing as a person, as a performer and as a businesswoman. “

And it is difficult for her to think of something that she has not dabbled in, but in contrast to that she always has something new to do.

“I need to put a taco stand, do not think that it has not crossed our minds to me and Tommy (Mottola, her husband), here in New York A delicious mega stall with its taquitos al pastor and its gringas. Wow! That will be in another chapter of my life, but there are many things I want to do, “says the unstoppable singer.

Social issues did not escape the interpreter of Crushing. That is why it will now be part of the third edition of the initiative Latin Grammy in the Schools, a program that seeks to encourage young people from Latin America to follow their dreams in music.

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“(My job) is to promote such fabulous acts like this one from the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation and I find it fantastic that they can help so many students with donations of instruments and bringing artists, producers, composers to what talk about your experiences and that they can serve as teachings, “says Thalía, who began artistic studies at age four.

The program will benefit two schools at the same time. One in Mexico City and another in Corpus Christi, Texas, where the late singer Selena Quintanilla studied.

The event will be broadcast on the official YouTube account of the Latin Grammy on December 10.

For Thalía, these projects and access to technology today are a sign that there are more and more opportunities for young people to get closer to culture.

As part of everything unusual and unexpected that happened in 2020, Thalía, who is not very assiduous in giving her political opinion in public, spoke in networks at the beginning of this year to make a harsh criticism of the current government on the way in the one that the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, managed the pandemic.

Despite this, Sodi assures that his intention is not to talk about politics, but about the things that as a human being worry him and that is why he was also part of campaigns against gender violence, for example.

“I talk about what concerns me, but not about politics. My flag is the musical union, entertaining people, but it is also talking about the things that vibrate me. Like we have to wear our mask, the gel, protect ourselves. I am also concerned as a mother of an adolescent about her safety, obviously I have to talk about that (violence against women), “she says.

Finally, Thalía confesses that it has been a year of learning and although she will remain patient for what comes in 2021, she already has many plans in music “and many surprises” that she cannot wait to show her followers.

Source: EFE



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