Thailand’s New Government Faces Obstacles over Royal Family Reforms

May 19, 2023 at 21:06 PM


On May 18, in Bangkok, Thailand, after winning a majority of seats in the Thai general election, the leader of the Thai Far Progress Party Phi Tha (middle) and other potential coalition partners pose for a photo in Bangkok.

[Global Times]After winning the vote in the general election, Thailand’s Far Progress Party and Thailand’s Pheu Thai Party, Freedom and Thai Party, National Party, Thai Jian Thai Party, Justice Party, Muay Thai Party, and New Social Power Party were on the 18th. , jointly heldnewsPress conference to announce the formation of a coalition government. Although the formation of a coalition government has taken the first step, whether the leader of the Far Progressive Party Phi Theta can successfully become the new prime minister faces obstacles-the main problem is that the party’s position on reforming the royal family has been questioned.

According to Thailand’s “Bangkok Post” report on the 18th, the Pride Party, which won the third most seats, stated on the 17th that it would not support the prime minister who attempted to amend the “offensive monarchy law”. The Pride Party emphasized in its statement, “The Pride Party’s position will not change, is non-negotiable, and will not form a new government with any political party that attempts to amend or abolish Article 112 of the Criminal Code.” The maximum penalty is 15 years in prison. The Far Progressive Party believes that Article 112 is often abused for political purposes. During the election campaign, party leader Phi Tha promised to support those who were imprisoned for blasphemy against the royal family. He even said that if the “offensive monarchy law” is not changed, the relationship between the Thai people and the royal family will only deteriorate. Reuters said on the 18th that this position will make the prime minister’s road full of thorns.

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according toSingapore“The Straits Times” reported on the 18th that the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was closely related to the Pheu Thai Party who won the second vote this time, said on social media on the 17th that the Pheu Thai Party supports the results of the general election, but will never support any The actions of the monarchy. Thailand’s “Nation” reported on the 18th that Thailand’s caretaker cabinet minister of labor, Socha, also criticized the Far Progress Party, saying that it used the public to pressure the upper and lower houses of Congress to vote for Phi Theta as prime minister, saying that Phi Theta is a “crying person.” “. Reuters said on the 18th that there are other obstacles to Phi Theta’s election as prime minister, including the ambitions of other opposition parties such as Pheu Pheu Thai, a Senate dominated by conservatives, and allegations of misconduct against him. Analysts said that these may hinder Phi Theta as the prime minister.

According to Thai media reports, the Thai Election Commission is expected to announce the list of 500 members of the House of Representatives confirmed at the end of June and early July. The 750 members of the House of Representatives voted on the candidates for the prime minister proposed by various political parties. The person who won the support of more than half of the seats became the new prime minister, and the new cabinet was formed in August.The parties still have about two months to negotiate and form a cabinet

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