Thailand riots, hundreds of people take to the streets of Bangkok

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Riots occur in Bangkok Thailand. Riot police fired rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas at protesters, Tuesday (10/8/2021) night.

This happened when the masses gathered to voice their anger over the handling of Covid-19 in the Land of the White Elephant. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s government has failed to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

At least six officers were reportedly injured, with one shot and three others hit by shrapnel from an improvised bomb. Two police posts were also set on fire as the violence escalated at night.

“Six protesters were arrested,” the police said, reminding residents of the ban on public gatherings under the Covid-19 emergency rule.

“The protesters’ actions demonstrate intent to damage government and public property and injure police officers.”

Quotes Reuters, protesters initially demonstrated by driving cars and motorbikes. They made a convoy through the capital.

They then stopped at several buildings associated with the cabinet and government supporters. They urged Prayut’s resignation, saying the executive had mismanaged the pandemic and abused its power to silence critics.

“The government does not have the ability to run the country, and only looks at the interests of the elite,” student activist Benja Apan said in a statement read from a truck in Bangkok’s business district.

“If the situation remains like this, then we can expect the country to face an unavoidable disaster.”

Thailand yesterday reported 19,843 new Covid-19 cases with 235 deaths. Deaths hit a record on Tuesday as health facilities began to become critical.

In this latest wave, daily cases have quadrupled from overall cases in 2020. Thailand has now recorded a total of 795,951 cases with 6,588 deaths.

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