Thailand has found 188 new cases of COVID cases in the country, 154 of which came from OTC 34, 628 cured cases worldwide, surpassing 93 million.

Thai FDA reports 188 additional cases of COVID-19, 154 of which were detected by surveillance systems and services, 81 cases, proactive search in communities, 73 cases. There are 21 detention centers and cross-axes from Myanmar, 13 non-entry, 628 cured cases worldwide, more than 93 million infected worldwide, more than 2 million deaths.

Today (15 Jan) at 11:30 a.m. at the Government House, Dr Thaweesil Wissanu Yothin, spokesman for the COVID-19 Situation Management Center (STF) reported the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak. In the country today, 188 new confirmed cases of HIV infection were found, 154 were domestic, from 81 surveillance and service examinations from proactive screening in the community, 73 and those who were infected. Come from abroad They are in state detention centers (State Quarantine) 21 cases, consisting of the Philippines: 1 case, Pakistan, 1 case, Hungary, 1 case, the United States, 6 Germany, Egypt, 1 Czech, Belgium 1 case, Sudan, 1 case, Russia, Switzerland. Sirland: 1, UAE, 1 case, Kuwait, 3, Turkey, and 13 non-Myanmar arrivals, and 628 additional cases of recovered patients.

The provinces with the highest number of cases of infection in the country went to the most vulnerable areas, Samut Sakhon Province, 47 cases, the lowest age 9 years, the highest 70 years old (14 Thai nationality, 33 Myanmar), Bangkok 27 cases, the lowest age 14 years old. At most 73 years (25 Thai nationals, 1 Myanmar and 1 Iceland), and today in Thailand, there were no more infectious patients in 60 provinces, with 10 provinces in 10 provinces with cumulative cases. 50 cases, 12 provinces with cumulative cases, 11-50 cases, 38 provinces with accumulated cases 1-10

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And the other 17 provinces have not found infected persons Ask each other to take care of The provinces with no infection reported in the past 7 days, totaling 20 provinces, 40 provinces that have reported cases of infection in the past 7 days

As a result, the latest cumulative number of confirmed cases is 11,450, including 9,204 domestic infectious infections, 3,260 community-based proactive screening, 2,246 foreign travelers, 1,650 state-provided quarantine facilities. Of the 628 more recovered patients, a total of 8,288 were hospitalized, 3,093 with the cumulative death toll of 69.

Details of 7,213 new accumulated confirmed cases, 3,481 domestic infections, 3,260 community-based proactive screening, 438 foreign travelers, 628 recovered patients, 4,348 recovered cases. In hospitals, 2,856 cases, the cumulative death toll is 9.

The global situation of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Friday, January 15, 2021 at 10:00 am Total number of cases, 93,529,253 cases, 111,909 severe cases, 66,809,569 cured cases, 2,002,347 deaths.

Countries with the highest number of cases of infection
1. United States number 23,848,410
2. India, 10,528,508 people
3. Brazil: 8,326,115 operators
4. Russia, 3,495,816 dead
5. UK 3,260,258 operators

Thailand was ranked 128 with 11,450 cases.


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