Thai Stock Market Analysis and Investment Recommendations: June 7, 2023

Krungsri Securities Public Company Limited revealed that today’s stock market trend has assessed the SET. swing 1,520 – 1,540 points. Market conditions lack new factors, prompting investors to delay trading in order to follow up on the outcome of the meeting. FOMC On June 13-14, the interest rate is expected to remain at 5.00-5.25% after US economic data slows down. In addition, weaker crude oil prices, including Fund flow Foreigners selling continuously will pressure the direction of the index. Therefore, we recommend Selective buy next

Investment strategy: Selvectie buy such as BBL KTB TTB KBANK SCB SAPPE ICHI quarterly earnings outlook 2/66 continues to grow, including AMATA WHA ROJNA NYT virtue of car camp EV Set up a production base in Thailand and shares to calculate FTSE new round Large Cap ( MAKRO TRUE ) Mid Cap ( BEM BTG DIF ITC SAPPE SISB SNNP SCAP ) effective 19 this june

Recommended stocks today MTC Thailand’s monthly inflation rate May fell to a record low in 21 months, reducing pressure on the central bank to raise interest rates. This reinforces the view that the interest rate uptrend is almost over and has a direct positive effect on the finance group.

BDMS The stock price dropped reflecting the news that major shareholders had already sold their shares. Overall fundamentals have not changed. Net profit continues to grow well in the second quarter/66 and will accelerate in the third quarter/66 due to entering the period High Season The falling stock price is an opportunity to buy.

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important issues today

Thai inflation in May drops to a 21-month low: The Commerce Ministry reported May headline inflation dropped to 0.53% from 2.67% in April, lower than consensus consensus. Expected at 1.7%, same as core inflation, falling to 1.55% from 1.66% in April, below Consensus’ consensus of 1.6%.

Stock markets, the US oil market rested awaiting new support: the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 10.42 points (+0.03%) to close at 33,573 points, while WTI crude oil fell 41 cents (-0.6%) to close at $71.74/ barrel The market has no new support factors. Investors are waiting to see US inflation numbers in May and the FED meeting next week.

Including today follow China reported numbers. Exports/imports in May, focus on imports: As China is Thailand’s second largest trading partner, if China has an increase in imports, it will have a direct positive effect on our exports. However, the preliminary survey results are still negative, with Chinese exports in May shrinking 0.4%yoy and imports shrinking 8%yoy in May.

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