Thai Sanchil, if not in a hurry to get the COVID-19 vaccine, how long do you have to stay like this?

Ask what are we waiting for?

The answer of the health minister is I want all “Thai people” to be safe and get “Vaccine-19” as effective and suitable as possible.

Like the Thai idioms that “Slowly getting a beautiful scythe”

AstraZeneca vaccine | Photo: REUTERS / Yves Herman

For the number of “COVID-19 vaccines” that “the Thai government” has contracted to purchase, there are 2 units totaling 63 million doses. Divided into AstraZeneca vaccine (AstraZeneca) and the University of Oxford (Oxford) 61 million doses with Sinovac Biotech another 2 million doses.

Which from this number If compared with the population Only 45% coverage or approximately 32 million people. But this is almost three times that of the end of last year when it was only 19%.

And then 2 Thai characters choose to buy this How effective is it?

First one “Sinovac Biotech vaccine” (Sinovac Biotech) That we will get 2 million doses of injection before in late February, currently from the test, the efficiency is 50%.

part “AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccine” (AstraZeneca-Oxford) More than 65,000 people have been tested, 2.5 times more than the Sinovac vaccine, and its latest efficacy is 70%. AstraZeneca vaccine is booked by more than 3 billion doses of countries, twice as many as any other vaccine.

AstraZeneca vaccine | Photo: REUTERS / Yves Herman
AstraZeneca vaccine | Photo: REUTERS / Yves Herman

Of the two vaccines, if counted around the world, there are now more than 15 developed in total, but nine are contracted with many countries, such as Pfizer-BionTech. (Pfizer / BioNTech), Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and seven of these have been injected in at least 76 countries.

If asked which “vaccine” is the most effective right now?

If comparing the size of the experiment, it must be said that “Johnson & Johnson” (Johnson & Johnson) Quite remarkable Because of the trials in 70,000 volunteers Up to 66% effective Is on the podium, leading among all vaccine nominees. Especially when the test results came out that inject just 1 dose was already excellent performance. And can also be stored in standard cold temperatures as well But … if anyone is concerned that the injection of 1 dose of Johnson’s vaccine Does it really work? Because all other vaccines require 2 doses for peace of mind … It was announced that two doses of the vaccination test will be diagnosed to confirm efficacy.

Later on the point that if “vaccines” are not yet clearly effective. So why do we have to rush to inject?

Can slowly “Phrapha” really beautiful book?

The answer depends on that How long can we be patient like this?


This is because “vaccination” is primarily used to prevent COVID-19 infection. And led to the so-called “Moo Immunity” (Herd Immunity)

But if in the community where we live Or in our country only a few people have been vaccinated … “COVID-19” Can continue to spread That is why Why do we need “Hurry” Get vaccinated! And want to hurry that this must cover the population as well as possible.

But now there is another question that you “Moo Immunity” Where this mention How much population is required to cover the vaccine to be successful?

The answer that comes out now is A full-fledged vaccination, or 2 doses, must cover 75% of the population. Or another estimate from the picture No COVID-19 epidemic was detected. In that area already …

But if we don’t “get vaccinated”, we will have to push forward the image. Which than we can get back to a normal life as before the outbreak … it is almost invisible.

But estimates of the return to a normal life from vaccination around the world At this time, I can look at the answer and see that How long do we have to persevere like this?

Photo: AFP / Thomas Kienzle
Photo: AFP / Thomas Kienzle

According to Bloomberg’s database, 76 countries around the world have had more than 159 million vaccinations, an average of 5,803,044 doses per day.

In “ASEAN”, 3 countries have been injected: Myanmar has at least 1 dose of 0.2%, Singapore has at least 1 dose of 4.4% and Indonesia has at least 1 dose. At least 1 dose 0.4% injection

According to estimates from Dr. Anthony Fauci, senior infectious disease officer in the United States, the vaccination should cover 70-85% of the population to be able to return to normal.

That 70-85% coverage percentage is compared to the current vaccination rates. At an average of only 5,800,000 doses around the world, it can take years to achieve a successful return to normal.

Calculated if you cover 75% of the population and vaccinated 2 doses each. We may have to spend time with the current state … up to 5.4 years !!

Photo: REUTERS / Benoit Tessier
Photo: REUTERS / Benoit Tessier

This is considered to reduce for almost 2 years, because earlier it was expected that We could endure this for up to seven years if the vaccination was slow … it’s a crawling turtle. And then caught up with a decade of Social Distancing or a long social distance.

The reason for having to inject 2 doses is because Each vaccine is designed with the immune system to make memory cells. To keep in mind and prevent the invasion of harmful germs Although we have never encountered it before, and the two doses of this injection will make it the most effective.

For example, “Pfizer vaccine”, where an injection of 1 dose reduces the risk of infection by approximately 50%, but when the 2 doses are injected, the effectiveness increases to 95%.

Which in addition to the above Another concern of delayed vaccination is the fear that the virus will mutate, making the existing “vaccines” irresistible. Such as the case of the COVID-19 virus African species At the efficiency of “AstraZeneca vaccine” (AstraZeneca) is not as hopeful. Until the injection must be suspended immediately.

The Answer by Thairath Online News Team

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