Thai LPGA organizes vocational caddy training starting February 17

Women’s Professional Golf Association Organize professional caddy training (LV.1) Enhance knowledge And expand the curriculum on caddy occupation Give t more quality Hope to drive the golf industry in our country to be strong to the international level.

The Women’s Golf Association has collaborated with the Professional Golf Association of Thailand by President Xmethi Sutat Na Ayudhya, who is the founder of the professional caddy project. This type of training has been held twice, leading to the Women’s Professional Golf Association that this will be an extension of the caddy’s career to be more stable. And in line with Prime Minister Um Krisada Tantavilai’s policy to build the golf industry in Thailand is as strong as foreigners. Production of golf personnel Therefore has great success

This event originally had to be held on Jan. 20. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the training has to be postponed to on February 17 at the Clubhouse, Panya Indra Golf Club, where the event will start at 8am onwards.

Training content Will begin with “Preparing and Reading” Basic “Yard Book” honored by an experienced golf coach Pomphet. Before the talk Along with Karin about the history of golf sports, ethics and duties as a professional caddy by Khun Samerporn Kanthathan and Khun Kathawut Phaacharoen, before the afternoon will be a training course on golf rules and manners. Pornkantathan and Khun Kathawut Phaacharoen and the activities of physical fitness enhancement by Dr. Thanet Pongsukwong before the end of the Discussions and convey the experience of an experienced professional caddy. In world competitions

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