Teto Medina arrested: “He was happy because he helped people to recover,” said his lawyer | Accused of “reduction to servitude and abandonment in person”

Adriano Tenca, lawyer of Marcelo “Teto” Medina – arrested last Thursday for reduction to servitude and abandonment in person -, he rejected the charges against the driver and claimed that they will ask for his release. He assured that Medina “was not the owner” from the rehabilitation center “The reason for living” and that “He has no involvement in anything they are accusing him of.”

In radio statements, the lawyer stated that Medina “she was happy because she felt she was helping people recover“and that when he called him this morning, to which at first he could not answer because he was in a zoom, he thought of doing it” for some usual problem “.

“Medina was neither the owner nor the head of the center. Reduction to servitude is a very serious qualification”, He kept talking with Radio 10and explained it could have “a significant 10 to 15 year sentence” in prison.

In another interview Radio with youinsisted that the presenter “He does not participate in anything they accuse him of”, and that his only role in that organization was to deliver “rehabilitation” speeches. “I intend to internalize what the evidence is, so we will definitely ask for their release,” she assured.

The investigation against the rehabilitation center is based on a complaint filed by the relatives of one of the victims. There are estimated to be more than 200 victims, including minors. The case is labeled “abandonment of the person and reduction to servitude, forced labor, illicit association, usurpation of powers and titles, violation of the duties of a public official“.

In addition to the raid in the Federal Capital where the driver was arrested along with 16 other peopleanother 21 simultaneous operations were carried out in the province of Buenos Aires and Córdoba.

Medina presented himself on social networks as a local “sociotherapy operator specializing in addictions”, where he offered “motivational interviews” to hospitalized people, and shared videos and photos of the meetings.

According to police sources, the head of the group was Néstor Z, while Medina was in charge of disseminating the activities of the alleged therapy center in the media and social networks..

Relatives of young people treated for addictions defend “Teto”

“I am a family and absolutely nothing happens because the children we have here are people who are cared for, fed, protected and here they have taken them off the street and from drugs,” said the mother of a young inmate.

“Surely all these lies they say must be based on the ‘mother march’ to be held today at 12 in Congress,” he added in dialogue with Telenueve. “It is a march that Chano’s mother and our children were about to do, and our director who is a king. All they say is a lie and it must be the drug traffickers who say it because they must have no more drugs to sell.“, he condemned.

According to the first known images of the place, the people who were in the center lived in precarious conditions. In addition, they were forced to work but were not paid for these tasks.

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