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Testosterone is a hormone produced mainly in the testicles, which in men it serves to maintain bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, facial and body hair, as well as red blood cell production, sex drive, and sperm production.

As a man ages, the production of testosterone begins to decline, so testosterone therapy may look promising, however the health benefits of testosterone therapy for age-related testosterone decline are unclear.

What is testosterone for?

Testosterone therapy for normal aging has several functions, for example, it can help reverse the effects of hypogonadism and some men feel younger and more vigorous if they take testosterone medications.

On the other hand, some research indicates that testosterone therapy may slightly improve sexual function in some men, but there is little evidence that it improves vitality and energy.

Testosterone is used primarily to treat symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men and women, as well as hot flashes in women. Possible benefits include improved libido, increased bone mass, and a greater sense of well-being.

In people with human immunodeficiency virus infection or other chronic diseases, testosterone has been shown to improve energy levels and mood, even in patients with normal testosterone levels.

Testosterone can be given by injection, patch, topical gel, pills, or implants, and side effects in men can include polycythemia and acne, while women can experience acne, hepatotoxicity, and virilization, which usually only occur when uses testosterone in supraphysiological doses.

There are not yet enough long-term studies of the effects of testosterone and prostate cancer, breast cancer, and heart disease, but mammograms and monitoring of PSA, hematocrit, and lipid levels are recommended for patients who they take.


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