Testing for entry begins: Keukenhof opens (but not without worries)

The cabinet has published a list with locations and activities where people are welcome if they can present a negative corona test. This includes performances in theaters, various museums and monuments that participate in the test. The pilot officially starts today.

Free quick test

Before visiting one of the locations on the list, visitors must undergo a rapid test at a test street of the Open Netherlands Foundation. They can then enter with a negative test result. The test is free and paid for by the government.

There is fierce criticism on that. There is a hefty price tag attached to the pilot. Yesterday unveiled de Volkskrant that the government is allocating 700 million euros for it. “Everyone is sick and tired of sitting at home”, former general Tom Middendorp of the organizing foundation explained to the newspaper. “The social need is high, that is also worth something.”

Correspondent Olaf Koens does not understand much of this. “For that amount you can vaccinate the whole of the Netherlands with Pfizer,” he writes on Twitter. “Or you can play squash with quick tests.”

In addition, there are concerns at a number of the participating monuments: not everyone is ready. Park manager Rob Rambags of Kasteeltuinen Arcen, for example, encountered ‘problems that were difficult to tackle’, such as testing staff. For that reason, the castle gardens will not open until Saturday.

Log in to organizer

People who want to participate can register with the organizer of the event or activity. Today 5000 visitors are welcome at De Keukenhof. This morning there were still tickets available.

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Maximum numbers of visitors also apply to other monuments. In addition, all locations are only open for a limited time.

“We want to try out the access tests before we actually get started in May,” said Minister De Jonge of Public Health. “Then it really starts. There will be pilots in April.”


The corona rules also apply to the pilots. For example, the curfew applies and you must adhere to the basic rules such as washing your hands, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters and having yourself tested in case of complaints.

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