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In January 2018, Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studios surprised many people with the release of Railway Empire, a railway management game in line with the models of the genre. In general, management games are particularly numerous on PC and not widely used on consoles. Hailed by critics, the title was able to offer a high-level experience through the richness of its gameplay and its quality artistic direction, all contributing to a successful immersion in the world of the rail conquest of the United States in the 19th and 20th century. Building on this success, the studio returns with Railway Empire Complete Collection, a compilation gathering the base game as well as all the DLC published later. But then you will tell me, is this version worth it? Answer in this test.

Railway-Empire-Complete-Collection-United States-Campaign-Loading-Corn

A formula always effective … even if a complex hair

Let’s do a quick review of the game to get started. In Railway Empire, your objective is to build a veritable rail empire by transporting passengers and goods across the United States from the 19th / 20th century. For this, you will build many stations across the United States, linked together by a vast network of railways crossing large plains, spanning streams, zigzagging in the middle of the relief or even passing through the mountains. via tunnels. A bit complex at first, especially for those uninitiated in rail management games, Railway Empire proves convincing with a certain balance between depth of gameplay and accessibility. By that I mean that you need to understand the basics of railway management (building stations, laying the network, transporting passengers and mail between cities, raw materials from production sites, managing traffic trains) to successfully grow your empire. For this, we find the traditional Campaign which will take you across the United States at the time of the rush to the West and the crazy expansion of the railroad, or you are free to enjoy the title in a more relaxed way via the modes Free and Sandbox. The latter in particular allows you to build your railway empire without any financial constraint and to give free rein to your crazy ambitions.

However, it would have been appreciated that Gaming Minds Studios It incorporates a real good tutorial, which was already sorely lacking in the base game, even if this initiation is a little long but at least that it properly teaches us the gameplay mechanics. Indeed, we find ourselves all too often looking for how to perform an action, even if having played the original version partially mitigates this handicap. In addition, the general problem with management games is that their content and their interface is well suited to the PC, but much less intuitive on consoles with movements with the joystick. Unfortunately, Railway Empire is no exception to the rule and this aspect has not been improved in the Complete Collection. We pass on the whole aspect of managing the development of your network and your company because on this side, the game is exactly the same as its predecessor released a little over two years ago. Some will find it complete, others that it lacks a little depth. It all depends on the affect you have with this genre. If you wish to have more information on this, we refer you to the tests of Railway Empire made when it was released in January 2018.


Was the United States not enough for you? Come discover the world

Besides the gameplay, the sound environment and the artistic direction we particularly liked in the base game. Through the various missions and objectives, we visited the entire American territory, the rendering of which is truly remarkable. Indeed, even if initially small, the cities are still alive, with passers-by and carriages which move there, buildings spitting smoke through their chimneys, animals whose presence can be heard, trains whose sounds recognizable among a thousand cut through the tranquility of the countryside. Likewise, typical environments are perfectly recognizable. We can clearly distinguish, for example, the Mississippi valley, the Rockies, the desert sector of the border with Mexico, the Great Lakes region. In short, you will have understood it, immersion level, Railway Empire is a real success and we enjoyed watching our trains go full steam ahead. For more immersion, it is even possible to have an on-board view from the locomotive but also to the rear in order to feel the sensations of speeding off at full steam through the wilds not only of the United States, but also of many other places on Earth.

Because yes, while in the base game you only roamed the American territory, the eight DLC released subsequently allow you to travel on the whole continent (Canada, Mexico), but also on the side of the Argentine pampas, in Western Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom) and northern (Scandinavia) but also on the Australian side. Well thanks to this Complete Edition of Railway Empire, no need to spend more money because all these extensions are included. If you have not succumbed to the game, the interest may be at the rendezvous since it and its DLC are not often on promotion and, at around ten euros the DLC, the whole cumulative can come back expensive.

Railway-Empire-Complete-Collection-United States-Countryside-View-Embedded-LocomotiveConclusion

You would have understood it, Railway Empire Complete Collection is not a revolution since it is only a version regrouping the base game and all of its DLC. Nevertheless it is really pleasant, graphically successful and the challenge is there, even if some would have liked more depth of gameplay. For those who like rail management games without going up to the level of one Train Sim World 2020, the game of Gaming Minds Studios and of Kalypso Media will fill you up and keep you occupied for many hours, especially if you prefer the tranquility of the mode Free even the total freedom of Sandbox.

Accessibility criteria

Visual impairment Hearing impairment
High contrast (aiming reticle) Subtitles with ambience indications
Font color size Identification of the person speaking
Marking enemies Customizable font
Customizable interface Customizable font color
Customizable mini-card color Alternative alert options (vibration, flash, etc.)
Option daltonisme Ambient sounds signaled (informs about presence)
Option Text to speech
Slowing down of the game

Test conditions

TV details 4K Game provided by the publisher Yes
Console Xbox One X Time spent on the game 7 hours
Difficulty level N.D. Game over Non
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