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Fourth graders can be expertly and carefully tested in the Marien-Apotheke.

Helga Brandl

23. April 2021

2:16 pm

In good weather, the tests are carried out outdoors. Photo: Helga Brandl / Helga Brandl

Neukirchen near the Holy Blood.The 7-day incidence in the district of Cham does not yet allow the 1st to 3rd and 5th to 8th grade pupils of the elementary and middle school in Neukirchen b. Holy Blood to go to school. Like all other students in these grades in the entire district of Cham, they have to learn in distance lessons. Only the 4th and 9th grades are “in attendance”, ie they receive lessons at the school on site. In addition, there are more and more children whose parents request emergency care because, for example, care is no longer possible at home due to work.

Every day there are usually more than 60 students and up to ten teachers and support staff at the school. However, these groups are also far removed from “normal” lessons. Mask requirement, distance, hygiene rules, restrictions in sports, music and specialist classes determine the picture. And before each school day, the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs has set a completely new “competence”: You can only enter the classroom with a valid negative test. These tests should be carried out regularly several times a week. For this purpose, the Ministry of Culture has made large amounts of so-called antigen self-tests available for staff and students through the district administrations. These procedures, in which you take a “nose swab” yourself, do not pose a major problem for middle school students and teachers, but they always cost time on the relevant class days.

These procedures are rather problematic for primary school students. But in a community where people simply help together, there are other helpers available: For two weeks now, the students have been able to have a POC test taken at the local Marien-Apotheke on a regular basis. Often the pharmacy has also ordered good weather so that one can stay outside. The school management reliably receives an overview of the results. If the results are positive, the pharmacy reports to the health department. Headmaster Christian Hofmaier thanked the test team of the Marienapotheke under the direction of Dr. Gerhard Kram, Dr. Dominik Kram and Bernhard Kram with a small present. (kbr)

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