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Take aspiration to overtake your elders. Kunos Simulazioni returns to the front of the track this year by proposing Assetto Corsa Competizione on Xbox One and PS4, sequel toRace trim, released in 2015. A new album? Not really, let’s say a new model. ACC already had its effect on PC in May 2019, and had succeeded in its objective: to become the benchmark for sim racing with a striking title flying in hand.

The trailer for Assetto Corsa Competizione

The beast now rolls on the beds of consoles stamped Microsoft and Sony, not without risk. The key now is not to wallow and offer a title that achieves the excellence of the PC version. In any case, one thing does not change, it is necessary to have a steering wheel to appreciate the title in the best possible conditions.

Test conditions:

This test was carried out on the console version of the title (PS4, Xbox ONE) on the steering wheel. The video captures come from Xbox ONE, the screenshots are a mix of both.

Released at the end of May, the PC version did not have its test on jeuxvideo.com. This test therefore takes up in detail the content present on the console versions. That said, many points of comparison will be used in this article to guide connoisseurs of the PC title.

The last part concerning multi and eSport is still incomplete. We are waiting to thoroughly test this multi mode, whose servers were logically empty before the release of the game on Tuesday. The conclusion is therefore likely to be changed tomorrow.

Assetto dit, Assetto fait?

The Blancpain GT Series are back

In a presentation of the title with several members of the development studio, we had a mixed feeling about Kunos’ speech. The team conceded that the title was not going to be at the level of the most powerful computers, but would take all the possibilities and sensations of the original ACC. And on this point, it is clear that Assetto Corsa remains straight in his boots. The sensations are just perfect, the physics is beyond reproach. The force feedback is well calibrated at the wheel, oversteers and understeers are realistic as are the behavior of the cars in play. Regarding the feeling according to climate change, we also feel the physical and technical impacts that the car undergoes: tire wear is to be monitored, everything like his driving when approaching wetlands on the runway. Like recent racing games that take advantage of this technology, dynamic weather is very good.

Where the title asserts itself in pure automobile simulation style, it is on the gift that it gives to the most demanding players. ACC offers a myriad of settings when the car is in the garage. Three configurations are preset, namely a humidity setting, a basic configuration and an aggressive configuration. All these presets can be modified from A to Z, whether in terms of tires, electronics, aerodynamics… To lose the least heels, for example, know that the rear body height can be set to 72 mm, or the bodywork of the left front tire to -3 ┬░. Assetto Corsa Competizione had to be sharp, it certainly is.

The sound in the absence of the image

Because the angel hides in the details. Each of the 24 vehicles divided into 14 brands has its own visual, technical and sound personality. Even if you try different models at first glance similar (Lamborghini Huracan GT3, GT3 Evo and ST), two laps of circuits will make you feel the differences. Special mention to the sound rendering, simply incredible. Of a fine smoothness at the level of the sounds of the cars, Kunos pushes the vice even further on the track: one even hears our passage on the ends of erasers scattered here and there.

We are however a little disappointed with the rendering of the Unreal Engine 4 at the end of our test, visually speaking. In addition to a rather annoying aliasing, ACC offers a graphic composition below the PC version, however released a year earlier. Nothing alarming, but if you go from a session on a gaming computer to a race on PS4 / One, the difference is obvious. If you hesitate between the two versions and have a good PC setup, Assetto Corsa Competizione PC is therefore to be preferred. The only good point on console compared to its elder concerns the AI, much more realistic.

Du gameplay of Assetto Corsa Competizione sur le circuit de Monza – Xbox One

Competition made in Italy

The available circuits of Assetto Corsa Competizione

  • Monza – Italie
  • Brands Hatch – United Kingdom
  • Silverstone – United Kingdom
  • Paul Ricard – France
  • Misano – Italie
  • Zandvoort – Netherlands (new circuit 2019)
  • Spa – Belgium
  • N├╝rburgring – the short circuit version, the long version and its variants are unfortunately not present
  • Hungaroring – Hungary
  • Barcelona – Spain
  • Attic – Belgique (circuit 2018)
  • The GT extension not yet released will add Mount Panorama (Australia), Laguna Seca (USA), Suzuka (Japan) and Kyalami (South Africa)
Assetto Corsa Competizione: Solid on PS4 / ONE but not up to the PC version

The multi remains to be judged for this console version

On the content side, Assetto Corsa Competizione does not move an iota compared to the PC version. We find the bare essentials, namely the championship mode (Blancpain GT Series 2018 or 2019, sprint or endurance), single player mode, career and multi (fast race and special events). Not enough? Most of the game isn’t really there, the desire to test all models of cars on these different modes and circuits will certainly make you spend many hours of play. The little disappointment comes from the career mode, always too impersonal and bland in the chain of races. An offset from the title depth. To finish on the available circuits

As mentioned in our insert at the start of the test, we are waiting for more hours of racing in the legs before deciding on the multiplayer mode. But if the latter proves to be as complete and provided as advertised, then the good note addressed to this ACC will undoubtedly be inflated by a small point. The third word of the title being Competizione, it would be silly not to value the thing.

The notes

+Good points

  • Cars modeled to near perfection
  • Possibility of infinite settings on the car …
  • … and on the race (dynamic weather, type etc.)
  • Flawless physics
  • Pit stops and damage management
  • Devilishly demanding realism …

Negative points

  • … who will lose some neophytes
  • Some bugs in the stands
  • Some FPS drops on Xbox One
  • Visually below the PC version
  • The career has room for improvement

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a great car simulation. With his precision, technique and the density of details bolide by bolide, the Kunos Simulazioni studio confirms that he pours his passion on the track every time he leaves the game. However, this console grind is graphically disappointing compared to its PC lean released in May 2019. So anyone with a competition computer is not advised to rush on these One and PS4 versions. For those who have no choice, this June is an opportunity to feel the exigency made in Assetto Corsa.

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